Women free as birds

The women of the Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe, a matriarchal society living in Northern California, USA, who are dedicated to the Goddess in all of Her forms, invite the women of the world to join us in a collective ritual to synchronize our Divine Feminine consciousness in order to bring forth a healthy and sustainable future. This ritual is now in its 4th year, with women all over the world participating. By performing this ritual at our own altars each Full Moon, we grid the Earth with the energy of the Mother toward a shared vision of intentional change.

I want to participate. What should I do?

If you would join us in this effort, please:

  1. Join our Facebook Group: Mothers of the New Time and share your thoughts and experiences with us!
  2. Share this working and its intent with other women you know, or in your own social media, using the hashtag #motherofthenewtime
  3. Perform the following ritual at your own altar each Full Moon between now and December, 2015. We begin Jan. 4, 2015, but join us whenever you wish.


You will need:

The Working:

  • Light a red 7-day novena candle at your altar, saying, "Oh Great Mother, I offer you this light and ask you to bring the light of your wisdom into this world, into the minds and hearts of its people." 
  •  Light a stick of incense and use a feather to waft the smoke upwards, say, "Oh Great Mother, I offer you this incense, representing breath and word. I ask you to hear the women of the world as we call out to you for your blessings and protection." (Incense use is optional for the scent-sensitive. If you do not want to light incense, just keep the feather at your altar and use the feather as your offering instead.)
  • Read aloud and contemplate the ideals we have envisioned for the world of the future, and add your own if you’d like. Please note- when contemplating this vision of the coming world, don’t waste any time lamenting that it is not here yet. Focus instead on the joy you are feeling as these things come to be in fullness.
  • End by saying the Mother of the New Time Prayer while ringing a bell.

    I dance at the edge of the world
    Like my Ancestresses before me.
    I am a sacred vessel.
    My blood is indomitable.
    Cradling the Now at my breast.
    Nurturing the future unfolding.
    There is nothing to fear.
    I am a Mother of the New Time.

At the end of the year, on Dec. 25th 2015, take the feather outside and release it back to nature while reciting the Mothers of the New Time prayer. 

Our 2016 Theme will be: SPIRIT.

We continue to welcome men and male-identified persons to lend us energetic support in this ongoing project, and we thank you for your alliance. We invite you to embody and exemplify the values linked above, as we also are doing.

If you identify as male and are interested a spell working that parallels these values and aids in making them a reality please consider joining our brothers working with the Fathers of Change.