The Mother of the New Time working for 2013 was called "All Water Is One Water."

Each Full Moon, Mothers of the New Time filled a chalice with fresh, clean water and contemplated the necessary healing for the waters of the Earth. Then, we placed crowns on our heads and spoke the Mother of the New Time prayer over the water. After praying over the water, we poured a small amount of the water into a separate bottle we kept on our altars all year long, and drank what was left in the chalice to infuse our own bodies with the prayer.

I dance at the edge of the world
Like my Ancestresses before me.
I am a sacred vessel.
My blood is indomitable.
Cradling the Now at my breast.
Nurturing the future unfolding.
There is nothing to fear.
I am a Mother of the New Time.

At the last Full Moon of 2013, we took our bottles of blessed water to a living body of water (ocean, river, stream, creek, or other flowing channel) and poured those blessed waters back into the stream of living waters so that our prayers would be carried throughout the world via the precipitation cycle.