Mother of the New Time 2012: Women's World Henge

The Mother of the New Time Working for 2012 centered on Earth, the Universal Mother. We made a Women's World Henge, gridding the planet with blessed stones.

Each Mother of the New Time selected a special stone which she kept on her altar for one year. Each Full Moon, she would anoint the stone with one of her body's sacred fluids while reciting the Mother of the New Time prayer.
I dance at the edge of the world
Like my Ancestresses before me.
I am a sacred vessel.
My blood is indomitable.
Cradling the Now at my breast.
Nurturing the future unfolding.
There is nothing to fear.
I am a Mother of the New Time.

On the last Full Moon of 2012, the Mothers of the New Time buried our stones in the Earth, gridding the planet with our prayers.