Volunteer with Starflower

Throughout the year, there are many different opportunities to volunteer with Starflower (formerly CAYA). You can learn more about our various volunteer and fundraising projects by visiting our Projects & Workings page. If you'd like to  volunteer with Starflower, please send an email to cayacoven@gmail.com.

Track Your Volunteer Hours with Starflower

If you are already a volunteer with Starflower, either as a congregant, Aspirant, Dedicant, Initiate, or Ordained member of the Clergy, please use the form below to track your volunteer hours. This helps us keep track of your donation of the most valuable asset you have to share: your time. Last year, volunteers donated over $50,000 worth of time to supporting Starflower and its projects. Thank you so much for your generosity!

You may fill out this form on a per-project, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Please just enter your number of hours spent in service to Starflower as accurately as possible, and check all fields that apply to the projects, rituals, or events you are working on.

Name *
If you are entering one single act of service, such as a ritual, please give the date of the ritual (ie Jan 1, 2017). If you are entering a collection of hours worked on one or more projects over time, enter the range of dates (ie Jan 1-31, 2017 or Jan 1-March 31, 2017.)
What project(s), ritual(s), and/or event(s) were you working on? *
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