CAYA Coven Daily Practice 2015

Daily Practice 2014

CAYA Daily Practice 2014 It's wonderful to be alive! My heart is full of miracles! Love blossoms in my wake, And everything is possible. My hands are ready, My heart is bright, With focused intent I ignite my light. With greatest joy, I craft anew The world that comes into my view.

Videos Against Sexual Predation in the Pagan Community

Organizational approaches to prevention. 

Some thoughts, observations, and resources on what to do when an incident of sexual harassment or predation has occurred. Helpful habits for transparency, safeguarding the victim's healing process, and acting in accord with mandated reporting requirements.

Distance Aspirants


Devotional Dance by Madame Hummingbird

Dance By Hummingbird Cinematography & Editing by Yvie Raij With Thanks to Rowan Nightshade for assisting in setup and breakdown. Song: "The Voice" By Ane Brun I had to meditate and send out energy to ask, what song? What environment? What time of year and what imagery do I use?
"Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe Gives Thanks to the Powerful and Delightful Queen Ava of The Goddess Temple Of Orange County~ The Sharing of Wisdom and Worship is a Blessing We Are Grateful! Hail Isis! Hail Hathor! Hail The Queen!

Devotional Videos from Yeshe Rabbit

What happens to the petition papers offered in the community altar of The Sacred Well
Chanting to Kwan Seum Bosal, the Korean bodhisattva of compassion on the day that the Buddha's birth is celebrated in Korea this year, May 6.