The current roster of affiliate temples, groups and organizations is here. For more information about the offerings of any affiliate group, or Starflower (formerly CAYA) itself, please see our annual calendar of rituals & events:

Ekstasis Gild
Dedicated to deities related to ecstasy, intoxication, and passion. Offers periodic public rituals and participates in ecstatic dance events as well as Burning Man.

Het Aset Ayat Marwut
Dedicated to Aset/Isis. Offers periodic public ceremonies.

Openers of the Way
Dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Offers ceremonies and pujas to the Starflower community.

Sisters of Fierceness
Online community for Starflower Distance Dedicants. Offers 4 Sabbats per year online, 2 classes, 2 book discussion groups.

A spiritual gathering for families with children. Offers frequent events and summer camp outs in the Bay Area, CA.


Starflower Pagan Congregation (formerly CAYA) is home to four traditions of training and practice for Pagans, polytheists, and witches. Each of these traditions offers diverse levels of membership and service to the community.

Amazon Blood Mothers
The Amazon Blood Mothers are a Women's Mystery tradition devoted to the Goddess of 10,000 Names, with special focus on the rites of passage and healing associated with the female body: menstruation, birth, menopause, fertility, healing from sexual assault, birth control and abortion rights, breast care, lesbianism, and related topics. The primary function of the tradition is to train High Priestesses in the ways of Goddess devotion.

  • Public service activities: Grove of the Goddess Full Moon ceremonies for self-identified women, other rituals and presentations worldwide

  • Prerequisites: by invitation only

  • Requirements for High Priestess Ordination: successful completion of all assigned activities, positive evaluation by Big Sister in the tradition, unanimous acceptance by all other High Priestesses in the Tribe, dedication to a Goddess of one's own choosing

  • Does not confer a Legal Clergy credential

Wildflower Tradition
The Wildflower Tradition is the foundational training tradition required to become a Pries/ess/x in Starflower Pagan Congregation. Initiates in the Wildflowers study a wide variety of subjects related to solar and lunar cycles, magical and personal development, deity relationships, public service, ritual performance, community collaboration, and safety. The primary purpose of this training is to equip Priest/ess/xes with skills to be of service to Pagan, polytheist, and witchcraft communities. Meet the Wildflower Priest/ess/xes here.

  • Public service activities: Full Moon and Sabbat ceremonies, public service activities

  • Prerequisites: successful completion of Aspirant training and Dedicant status in Starflower

  • Requirements for Priest/ess/x Ordination: successful completion of all assigned activities, positive evaluation by Wildflower Sibling, unanimous acceptance by Starflower High Council, dedication to a Goddess of one's own choosing

  • Legal Clergy credential conferred upon completion of Advanced Wildflower
    training and pastoral care requirements, maintenance of credential requires
    active service in Starflower Pagan Congregation.

Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe
The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe is a Mxtery tradition currently in development based on the unique experiences, global mythologies, and wisdom available when we look beyond the gender binary. The nascent tradition's current members are exploring a wide range of topics related to public service, ritual development, and study in service to learning and creating safe space for those who are genderqueer, non-binary, trans*, agender, metagender, and mxgender, among others.