Socrates said, "Wisdom begins in wonder." Finding the joy in wonder, that spark of curiosity that leads to further learning, is such an important part of how we gain knowledge and, through that knowledge, make the world a better place.

And spinning-joy - “A spinning stash is much more complex than a knitting stash. It is like the first mother goddess. Everything comes from it, and nothing happens without it. You can't have yarn without the fiber. ― Jillian Moreno. All the healing that needs to happen in this world, all the work that needs to be done in this world, it must all be done one strand at a time, woven together, from fibers spun together, each life a single strand in the social fabric. Without the fibers, you cannot weave a social fabric, and a social fabric that leaves out some of the fibers, is a social fabric that lacks integrity, strength, and the beauty of diversity.

My work in this world is to support my community with integrity, and to gather and share information with joy.


Susan's Code of Ethics

I work from a place of integrity. I am community-minded. I aim for appropriate order and structure.

Information in action is power — I am dedicated to making information available and accessible to people. We can change the world for the better.

I use my wonder and curiosity as keys to open ways, find & implement solutions, and lights to brighten our paths.

I am always trying to find the right words (even though sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed!).



Recommended Reading

Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark and Truth or Dare
Ed. Judith Plant, Healing The Wounds: The Promise of Ecofeminism
Irene Diamond; Gloria Feman Orenstein, Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism
Glenys Livingstone, PhD, Re-visioning Medusa: From Monster to Divine Wisdom
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Healing with Form, Energy, and Light
Lunaea Weatherstone, Tending Brigid's Flame: Awaken to the Celtic Goddess of Hearth, Temple, and Forge


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