What is the public service track and why does it exist?

Public Service Track: to be a visible agent of positive social change in the world in the name of CAYA and Paganism

  • The entire Public Service Team will work together to create 4 unique opportunities throughout the year for CAYA Clergy, Initiates, Aspirants/Dedicants and Coveners to perform public service. Possible suggestions include: organizing a beachfront or lakeside clean-up day, coordinating a CAYA food drive, holiday caroling at the Strawberry Creek Lodge, organizing a group to volunteer one day at the Alameda County Food Bank, creating a fundraiser, etc. This Committee, once convened, will create a proposal for the 4 events, and will then present the proposal to the High Council for logistical/legal considerations, overall feasibility review, and approval at the beginning of each year.

  • Wildflower Initiates must serve on a minimum of two of these public service opportunities. Advanced Wildflower Initiates are asked to serve on at least one of these events.  

  • Each member of this track will also choose a significant, monthly, non-ritual opportunity (a minimum of 3 hours per month, ideally 1 hour per week) of personally-chosen public service in the name of CAYA. This can be a fun, hands-on way to connect with a deity (for instance, doing Meals on Wheels for a devotee of Hermes), or it might be a personal response to an area that is important in one’s own life (choosing to do the Breast Cancer Walk in honor of an ancestor.) Possible suggestions include: Alameda County Food Bank, Animal Shelters, Domestic Violence/Rape Awareness hotline or organization, Soup Kitchen, Service at a Free Clinic or Homeless Shelter, Prison Ministry, Community Garden/Botanical Garden volunteer, Museum/Library/Literacy volunteer, PantheaCon Staff or Pagan Alliance Festival Staff, Hospital/Hospice volunteer, or another self-directed opportunity, such as a personal project to sew garments for a children’s organization, etc. All personal service project proposals must be presented to the High Council and approved before the project begins.

  • A brief, monthly journal-style entry about one’s personal service shared with the members of this Track is also required in order to help all members to share the wisdom and growth of the process, and to foster greater accountability to the chosen service.

  • This path is recommended for those who wish to remain active members of CAYA Clergy but who live, work, or are studying at a distance from the East Bay community.

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