*Ordination Retreat 2017*
Thursday, March 2nd - Sunday, March 5th

If you are attending Ordination Retreat this year (i.e. you are being ordained as part of Hive '17 OR you are already Ordained as Clergy), the following information is VERY IMPORTANT.  What follows will cover:

  • Who should attend Ordination Retreat

  • Retreat Payment information: schedule, payment arrangements, and payment methods

  • ALL of the things that you MUST bring to retreat as well as the things you might want to bring to retreat.  We have the packing lists broken out into what EVERYONE needs to bring (Basic Set-Up For All) as well as what each Tradition within CAYA requires.  You only need to bring the items to retreat for Traditions you belong to (bring your Basic Set-Up For All + your Tradition’s required items), and not the others listed.

  • Rough schedule for the weekend (subject to flex as needed)

  • Information that you should read through AGAIN even if you have already been to Ordination Retreat

  • Information about posting for Rideshares

  • Directions on reaching the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, CA (http://www.quakercenter.org/directions)
    PLEASE NOTE: In the unlikely event that The Quaker Center is inaccessible due to emergency road conditions due to South Bay rain, we will gather at an alternate location. We have a backup location in Dunsmuir in the wings if necessary. We do not anticipate this being necessary at this time, but it's good to be prepared.

If you've any questions about the items below OR anything that is not covered in this document, please do let Yansumi know ASAP.  Thanks!

EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. There is a lot of information in here, you may need to read it several times. EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ATTENDED ORDINATION RETREAT, you will want to read through this again as some information has changed from past years.  

This retreat is mandatory for Initiates about to be ordained (i.e. those who have completed their 2016 initiate year and are about to be ordained, aka Hive ‘17), and is highly recommended for Ordains. Ordains are welcome to bring partners and children. Initiates are not to bring partners or children, as they will need to focus on initiatory activities.


Retreat Fees:

The cost is a sliding scale of $165 - $195 per person. The sliding scale is self-regulated: if you have the funds for the higher end of the scale, great! If not, then you can pay at the lower end of the scale. You are also welcome to add a donation to the Clergy Scholarship Fund when you secure your own spot. Additionally, the fees for children break out as follows:

  • $50 per child under 18 for the weekend

  • Children under 3 are free

Payment Arrangements:

Please use this shopping cart below to make your selection and pay your attendance fee.

You can, and are welcome to, make other payment arrangements with Rowan.   PLEASE CONTACT ROWAN DIRECTLY ( inthenightkitchen00@gmail.com ) to make these arrangements - talking to Yeshe or another Council Member is NOT the path for this! Payment arrangements might include:

  • Paying your fee in scheduled installments

  • Getting CAYA scholarship help (please contact Rowan ASAP for this)

  • Arranging to pay the full amount, in cash, at retreat.  

If you require the arrangements above, please make these arrangements with Rowan by February 21st.

If you do not need arrangements above, please make your payments by February 28, 2017.


Ordination Retreat Fees
from 10.00

Retreat fees for Ordination Retreat Due by Feb 28, unless other arrangements have been made with our Steward. Thanks!

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At the Quaker Center, we will be staying in the *Orchard Lodge*, up the hill to the left at the end of the long and winding driveway. *There will be a sign at the fork in the road.*

WHEN YOU CHECK IN: Come up to the *Orchard Lodge Common Room* to check in with Yansumi, so that you get your room number.  Your names will be posted on a postcard on the door of the room you are staying in.

Arrival: no one may arrive before 4pm on Thursday, March 2nd.

Departure: by Sunday, 3/5 by 2 PM

WEATHER RELATED SAFETY NOTE: (2017) We are keeping an eye on the road conditions between the East Bay and Ben Lomond.  Please be on the lookout for any emails that may come in the days before retreat that list out any alternate routes/directions for getting to the Quaker Center.  DO NOT RELY ON YOUR GPS when driving down to Ben Lomond (cell signal is VERY spotty/non-existent in this area - trust us on this one) and make sure that you have printed out a hard copy of the map that you need to guide you to the Quaker Center.  

Physical address: 1000 Hubbard Gulch Road, Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Important Note: If you use a computer mapping program or a GPS device it may give you a route that takes you over small mountain roads such as Bear Creek Road, Bonny Doon Road, and Highway 35; they are scenic but slow moving and confusing, especially at night.  

Directions to the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond: http://www.quakercenter.org/directions/

Directions in 3 parts below, please follow all three:

From San Jose or the Bay Area: Take Highway 101, I-280 and Highway 85, or I-880 south to Highway 17 toward Santa Cruz. Go over the summit and down the mountain to the second Scotts Valley exit (Mt. Hermon Rd., Felton, Big Basin). Go right at end of ramp onto Mount Hermon Road.*

*From Scotts Valley, CA (Mt. Hermon Rd.): Take Mt. Hermon Rd. west through Scotts Valley, and continue about 4 miles where it ends in Felton at a “T” intersection with a traffic light. Turn right on Graham Hill Rd. and go a short distance to the “other traffic light” in Felton. Turn right again and go north on Highway 9 for 3 miles to Ben Lomond.**

**From Ben Lomond, CA: Take Highway 9 North from the signal light at Mill Street (you will see Ben Lomond Market on this corner). Continue for about one quarter mile, when you see the Quality Inn on the left, go about 150 yards farther and move into the center turning lane as soon as it starts. Turn left onto Hubbard Gulch Rd. where there is a sign for Quaker Center. If you reach Alba Rd. or the Orthodox Church of Sts Peter and Paul, you have gone too far. There are signs for Quaker Center all the way up Hubbard Gulch Rd. One mile up, look for specific signs for your group.



You are responsible for your own meals over the course of this retreat (4 days, 3 nights) CAYA will be providing a Victory Breakfast on Sunday morning. All other meals are your own responsibility, including clean up.

The Quaker Center has a large commercial kitchen, with large refrigerator and freezer, as well as other cooking appliances (microwave) and utensils for use if you have need. *There will be over 30 of us*, so please be considerate in the amount of time and space it will take to prepare your meals.

Please label your food items, and try to keep them as compact as possible.


Things you need to bring

ALL Initiates: Please honestly complete your Wildflower Ordination checklist and bring it to Ordination weekend with you.

Basic Set-Up for All Attendees: (this list applies to ALL who are attending OR)

  • comfy clothing to wear during the weekend, be prepared for warm days, cool nights, and rain

  • *sturdy shoes and a warm jacket*

  • PLEASE NOTE: in preparation for rain, please be sure to bring shoes/jackets that are “rain proof”.  

  • regular toiletries

  • your own pillow, blanket, bedding (there are beds and sleeping mats there, and minimal bedding is provided, but please bring what you need “just in case” as well as for your own comfort)

  • your own towel

  • if you are bringing your child, please have plenty for them to do and plan on constant supervision of them

  • any other personal comfort items you think you will need

  • breathing machines, medications, etc.

  • If you have ANY special dietary needs and are concerned about the use of shared cooking pots and utensils, please bring a set of your own.


Wildflower Initiates: (if you are in Hive ‘17, this list is for you!)

  • the *Basic Set-up For All* (see above)

  • your poppet

  • pajamas that you will wear in mixed company

  • a photo of yourself as an infant or child

  • your required ritual tools (ring, special tool of your priest/ess/xhood, athame, wand or staff, cauldron or chalice, stone, bell)

  • something festive to wear to Friday night’s ordination ritual

Wildflower Ordains: (all ordained WF - this list is for you!)

  • PLEASE NOTE: we encourage our WF ordains to participate in the WF ordination activities throughout the weekend.  Please bring what items you need to participate in these activities (see below)

  • the *Basic Set-up For All*, plus

  • your bell

  • Wildflower necklace

  • Your ring

  • Your purple cord

  • the special tool of your priest/ess/xhood

  • any new/existing ritual tools if you want to participate in that activity

  • A photo of yourself as a child, should you choose to participate in that activity

  • Your shroud from your own Initiations/Ordinations, or a suitable substitute if you want to participate in that activity

  • something nice to wear to Fri night ritual

  • Your poppet, and/or any items you might want to put into a refreshed or new poppet

  • Adv WF's, please bring your crowns


Mothers of the New Time HPS: (Amazon Blood Mothers, this list is for you!)

  • the *Basic Set-up For All*, PLUS

  • your HPS crown, ring, cord

  • a blanket to sit on, jewelry, fanciness, finery

  • a white veil, red veil, black veil, and gold veil

  • black warm outdoor clothing and good shoes for Friday night

  • food/drink items to share for Saturday afternoon activity


Fathers of Change HP (The-Evolving-Green-Men, this list is for you!)

  • the *Basic Set-up For All,* PLUS

  • 2017: since this is a year of reformation, there are no required tools/items to bring specific for this tradition.


Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe HPx:

  • the *Basic Set-up For All*, PLUS

  • your Rainbow wand/staff

  • your vessel

  • your blade

  • your bell

  • your crystal and cords

  • your crown

  • the Tool of your Devotion


This is the projected schedule, it is meant to be a somewhat flexible schedule. Please be flexible with it, as when we get out there we get into a bit of a time warp. Best to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.


Thursday March 2nd:

Ordination Retreat team arrives before 4:00pm for set up, etc.

*After 4:00 pm- Anyone can start arriving*

7:00pm - Dinner and welcome

  • All Wildflower Initiates MUST arrive no later than 8:00pm to get settled in

9:00 pm - Wildflowers Activity 1

9:30 pm - ALL Ordained Wildflowers gather in the main lodge for activity. Bring poppets or items to put into new poppets.


Friday March 3rd

8am - You will be woken up, just so you know.

8:00am - 9:00am - breakfast

9:00am - 11am - Wildflower Activity 2

11am - 1:00pm -  Lunch / Free time

1:00pm - 2:30pm - Wildflower Activity 3

2:30pm - 3:00pm - Free time

3:00pm - 4:00pm : Wildflower Activity 4

4:00pm - 6:00pm - Free Time/Dinner

6:00pm - 6:30pm : Prepare for Wildflower Ritual

7:00 Sharp : Wildflower Ritual in Casa de Luz (meet at Lodge to walk/ride up together)

9:30-10pm : Wildflower Ritual Ends

10:30pm - Midnight: MotNT Activity (outdoors - labyrinth) and Men’s Group Activity 

Midnight: Revelry Activity 1


Saturday March 4th

9:00am - 12:00pm - All Clergy Meeting

12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch/Free Time

1:00pm - 5:00pm : Men’s group planning meeting (Location TBD)

1:00pm - 5:00pm - Mothers of the New Time Ritual (location TBD)

1:00pm - 5:00pm - Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe (location TBD)

5:00-7:00pm - free time/ Dinner

7:00pm onwards - Revelry Activity 2


Sunday March 5th

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (Everyone is expected to be on clean-up duty on Sunday before we leave. We will have sign-ups for cleaning duties at Sunday’s breakfast. It should be a breeze if we all just do our parts. )

10:00am - 12:00pm Victory Breakfast, Thank You Ritual with notecards

12:00pm - Pack and Clean

2:00pm - All folks are packed out and headed home!

NOTE: There have been years where it has been QC policy to have quiet time after 10pm and lights out in the lodge by midnight.  However, there have been years where this is not the rule and the QC is ok with our using the lodge into the late hours, asking only that we be respectfully quiet outside, after dark. We will be sure to inquire about the policy this year, when we are onsite, and will clearly communicate that out to all during retreat.




This year there has been a lot of rain in the Bay Area and this means that the land around the Quaker Center may be subjected to mud/landslides and/or flooding.  We strongly encourage that folks not only carpool but that if you can do so in a reliable rain-safe or 4-wheel drive vehicle that you do so.  Also, it would be good to know when folks plan to leave for Ben Lomond (that way, we know when to be on the lookout for your arrival).  You can email redphone as you leave so we have a running thread of deparatures. There will be a post on the Trello boards to allow folks to make carpool arrangements for getting to Ben Lomond.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: (please see Quaker Center website, above, for detailed route information)