Naos Isis

Year of Creation: 2013

Dedicated Clergy:

Melissa ra Karit, Pries/ess of the Body Temple - dedicated to Isis
Temperance, Priestess of the Soul's Journey - dedicated to Isis
Juniper, Priestess of Psychosynthesis - dedicated to Seshat
The Lady Yeshe Rabbit, High Priestess of Holy Presence - dedicated to Isis

Naos Isis is the temple of CAYA Priest/esses who are publicly dedicated and devoted to the great goddess Isis.Through diverse understandings and connections to Isis, the members of Naos Isis work to bring the love, compassion, healing, and wisdom of the Great Queen and Mother to the larger CAYA community.


Melissa ra Karit
Isis has many faces. To me, She is Queen and Healer. She spreads Her great wings, her magnanimous protection, over all. In the face of great tragedy, She acts. She brings Her magic and healing power to bear and transforms the world. It is from Her that the pharoahs drew their power to rule. Isis is power and majesty exercised for the good of Her people. As Her Priest/ess, I bring people into intimate contact with all that Isis is, so that they may benefit from Her presence and learn to embody Her grace, strength, and magick.

I chose to dedicate to Isis because She was the first goddess I ever knew, and She was the first I happened upon within CAYA. She's been with me through some pretty rough times.

I have been focusing more on Her mother aspect in my work. She is a goddess who takes great pride in Her family, which is something that I also highly value. My specific work with Her has been primarily prayer based. Seeking and providing guidance have been important factors when doing my work.

Sacred Text

Royal Isis, by Melissa ra Karit

Royal Isis, She of Ten Thousand Names
Black One, Blazing One, Mysterious One
Maker of Kings
Divine Mother of Golden Horus
Beautiful Mourner of Osiris
Creatrix of the Nile Flood
Isis Invictus
Who Inundates the Earth with Splendor
Who Makes Gods and Men Live
Queen of the Four Quarters of Heaven
Rich in Magic
Isis Triumphant
Brilliant in Glory

I sing your praises.

Public and Private Works for 2014

In addition to presenting the Yearning Moon ritual for CAYA in 2014, Naos Isis performs personal work and private rituals, including, this year, a pilgrimage to the beach to build an Isis and perform a ritual inundation of her, as well as make offerings.


Recommended books:
Isis Magic, by Isadora Forrest
Circle of Isis, by Ellen Cannon Reed