Mothers of the New Time

The Mission

Mothers of the New Time is an open source consciousness-raising full moon ritual for women. Started in 2012, this working built around an empowering affirmation helps women worldwide work together to create a shared current of energy for the sake of greater global goddess awareness. Though we each may be alone at our individual geographic locations, by sharing in this prayer together at every full moon we tap into the collective divine feminine: mysteries of women's blood, our love for the Goddess(es), ancestor reverence, and connection to the Earth Mother. 

Between 2012 and 2016, the Mothers of the New Time offered a unique working for each year, featuring the elements as our theme. During this time, we charged sacred substances every full moon over the course of each year and then returned these to the Earth as a way of spreading our magic in the world. At PantheaCon in 2016, we charged sacred substances such as stones, water, feathers, and ashes in our working. These will be mixed into the base of a large Goddess statue we plan to build in Joshua Tree on the matrilineal land of one of CAYA's Priestxes. You can learn more about our past workings below.

2012: Women's World Henge
2013: All Water Is One Water
2014: Flame of Change
2015: Women Free As Birds
2016: The Goddess is Alive

Starting in 2017, we no longer have different themes for every year, and instead we are simply focusing on the simple, accessible form of original working: simply lighting a candle and saying a prayer.


The Community

Mothers of the New Time is open to all women. 


The Working

Stand before your altar, or outdoors in a place that is special to you. Light a candle and gaze into the flame as you recite the following empowering affirmation:
I dance at the edge of the world
Like my ancestresses before me
I am a sacred vessel
My blood is indomitable
Cradling the Now at my breast
Nurturing the Future unfolding
There is nothing to fear
I am a Mother of the New Time.


Our Ideals

  • Honor for elders: respect for their wisdom; regard for their needs in policy and care; inclusion of elders as an active, vital part of the society they've shaped.
  • Honor for children: regard for their creativity and imagination; cultivation of their individual and collective genius; teaching them respect and dignity by modeling these virtues in our own behavior.
  • Access to education and service opportunities for all, including re-skilling toward practical, sustainable lifestyles.
  • Healthcare that is free/affordable, accessible, and provided with genuine skill; commitment to the health of the whole being; availability of birth control and other critical women’s procedures regardless of personal, political, or religious concerns; compassionate healthcare for every stage of life.
  • Clean water and air; reversal of global warming; transition to renewable energy sources; creative adjustment of lifestyles as needed to facilitate these changes.
  • Healthy, natural, affordable and sustainable food; respect and support for those who tend the land and her creatures; awareness of the food chain and its implications as a regular part of education and daily life.
  • Awareness of our part in the ecosystem and our kinship with all living things; vast acreages of pristine wilderness; restoration of rain forests, glaciers, and oceans.
  • Equal and ethical representation in directly-elected government; a movement toward honorable leadership from the grassroots level.
  • Equal rights and freedom of expression for all, with awareness and respect for the complicated levels of identity, including but not limited to: race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual identity, religion or faith, ability.
  • Freedom from violence and intimidation as a means of exercising power.
  • Sisterhood and community, women allying with one another and offering one another respectful, mutual support.
  • An atmosphere of inspiration, excitement, and celebration, over mere survival.
  • Legal equality for all, with respect for diverse traditions and cultures in every country.
  • Re-claiming and honoring women's roles and skills through history and today.
  • Deep respect for one’s own body, and accurate education that highlights women's miraculous creative nature, including reverence for their holy blood.
  • Feel free to add any of your own ideals here.

May the Goddess bless and protect her women.