Priestess of Cultivating Harmony

2015 Priestess in the Wildflower Tradition

Dedicated Deities:
Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion; and Isis, Goddess of 10,000 Names



I am a mother, wife, healer, musician, psychologist, urban farmer and eclectic pagan garden/hedge witch.  My Grandfather was a pastor, as was his father before him.  My Grandmother was the wife and daughter of a minister.  Further research into the genealogy of my family shows generations of ancestors who have followed the calling to become ministers and pastors.  While my religious faith is different than theirs, the call to a life of devotion and service in the name of the Divine is undoubtedly in my blood.  Being a part of the Wildflower Collective and serving as a public CAYA Priestess gives me the opportunity to combine and integrate the seemingly disparate facets of my life that make up my Divine, Magical Self and share them with the world in a meaningful and impactful way, together with a loving and supportive community of people who are on similar, yet wholly unique journeys.


Explanation of Priest/ess Title

Cultivating Harmony...I choose these words because together they represent and synthesize elements of two of my passions: gardening and music.  However, they also have a greater symbolic meaning.  “Cultivating” evokes the idea of fostering growth through a continuous, cyclical process requiring intention, attention and care.  “Harmony” evokes the idea of existing in a state of balance, order and agreement, where all parts work in unity while maintaining their own unique qualities.  Of course, in reality, this state of balance is always transient.  The various parts of the whole continually move and change, resulting in periods of discord.  The intentional exploration of discord and skillful resolution to harmony provides movement, growth and beauty in music and in life.  

Whether I am blending my voice and spirit with my fellow musicians while composing or performing music; striving to restore balance to the ecosystem by companion planting my garden, planting beneficial plants or teaching others about organic and sustainable gardening methods; working to keep a happy and harmonious household by caring for myself, my home and my family; or working with individuals or groups to help them find balance and well-being as they move through difficult or painful spiritual, psychological, physical or organizational challenges; “Cultivating Harmony” is my work...with myself, my community, and the world.


Personal Statement of Ethics

Be Grateful

  • Recognize that this human life is a miracle; that everything and everyone who is in it is a precious gift.  

  • Appreciate life and its gifts and give thanks for Nature’s abundance.  

  • Desire, dream and work hard to make my dreams come true, but NEVER, even the bleakest of times, be resentful of things I don't have or cannot do.

Be Kind

  • Honor the Divine nature of and strive to hold compassion for all beings, at all times, without judgment

  • Practice patience and cultivate empathy for different circumstances and viewpoints,“seeing” people for who they are beyond the masks they wear in the world (of fear, pain, anger, etc).    

  • Respectfully refuse to engage in violence, drama, etc,, and work towards mutually beneficial interactions.

  • Refuse to compromise deeply held values or principles for the comfort of another, but always consider words and actions carefully, delivering difficult feedback or consequences with tenderness, care, and genuine concern for others’ well-being.  

  • Cultivate empathy for my own human flaws, considering how my words, actions or behaviors might have contributed to a conflict.  Forgive myself, apologize and work to make amends for any harm or suffering I might have caused as a result.

Be Open

  • Face even the most difficult challenges with equanimity and calm, viewing each situation as an opportunity for growth, development and heightened awareness.

  • Be open to receiving wisdom and insight from every encounter, trusting that guidance will come from a place of love and light, for the greatest good.    

  • Work to manifest my deepest desires with determination and will, optimistic for the future and confident in my choices and actions, while simultaneously letting go of attachments to specific outcomes.

Be Magical

  • Honor my Divinity and my magical, intuitive self, and dedicate myself to honing my craft and cultivating a meaningful, personal relationship with Nature, the Divine, and the limitless flow of energy that runs through all things.  

  • Walk between the worlds, always striving to integrate spiritual experiences and insights with worldly deeds, words and actions

  • Align personal and spiritual values with personal choices in how I express myself and live this life.


Favorite "Pagany" Books:

I have pretty eclectic tastes and interests and I am an avid reader, so there are really too many to list!  However, here is a smattering of “Pagany” books (in no particular order) that I have read in the past that have had an impact on my path:

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship With the Goddess of 10,000 Names by M. Isadora Forrest
The Shaman’s Body: A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships and the Community by Arnold Mindell
The Red Tent by Anita Diament
DIRT The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth by William Bryant Logan
Healing Wise by Susan Weed
Compendium of Herbal Magick by Paul Bereyl
Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan
Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk