Madame Hummingbird Rainbow

Madame Hummingbird Rainbow,
High Priestess of the Witch's Touch

2009 Priestess in the Wildflower Tradition
2010 High Priestess in the Wildflower Tradition for her work in CAYA South Bay
2011 High Priestess in the Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe

Dedicated Deity:

Dedicated Ancestress: 
Isadora Duncan


I live my life with joy and respect,
I honor the earth and the ground with which I dance on,
I create, therefore I am,
I am always seeking to learn.

Madame Hummingbird Rainbow


Living, Death, Rebirth-
through Heaven, Sea and Earth.
Through Darkness and Shadow~

We seek what we know.
Dancing in Darkness- Dancing on Graves~
Hidden in Caverns, crawling in caves.
Cutting through Chaos,
finding the Lost~
Where 3 Roads Cross.
Death seeks to Devour~
The Primal-Power~
Hidden in the moss.
Living, Death, Reborn-
In the Light we do not Mourn.

Triple Way, Paths revealed,
Dancing in Darkness - You Heal.
Let us see now the Way~

Hekate! Hekate! Hekate!

-Madame Hummingbird

Madame Hummingbird Rainbow

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