Reverend Mother Yeshe Matthews:

High Priestess of Holy Presence
Presiding High Priestess of CAYA Pagan Congregation

2007 Dianic High Priestess
2008 High Priestess in the Wildflower Tradition
2008 High Priestess in the Mothers of the New Time

Dedicated Deities and Spirits:
Prajna Paramita, Isis-Aphrodite, Hekate, The Black Madonna, Kuan Yin, Tara, Magu, the spirit of the Allegheny River, and Reindeer Mother Khotun

Dedicated Ancestresses:
Yeshe Tsogyal, Machig Labdron, Marie Laveau, Sarangerel, Helena Coleman, Frida Kahlo, Ai-Churek, Maggie Kuhn,  Alexandra David-Neel


Yeshe takes great joy in providing the CAYA community with practical leadership, friendly-yet-rigorous instruction in the art of public Pagan Priest/ess/xhood, and encouragement for each individual’s highest possible personal fulfillment. The blessings of learning, friendship, love, and opportunities for growth she receives in return are extraordinary.

Yeshe serves the Divine as an Oracle, Ritualist, and Initiator. She practices and studies tarot, plant medicine and lore, stones and crystals, ritual craft, mythology and storytelling, shamanic practices, singing and chanting, drumming, tantra, and alchemy. Her store, The Sacred Well, serves the material needs of esoteric practitioners, ecstatic wanderers, and all those drawn to the mystical arts in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. She offers handfasting/wedding services, personal ritual consultations, Right Livelihood Intuitive coaching, and Intuitive Tarot readings through her shop and online. She is a Priestess in the Oakland Temple of Aphrodite, the Oakland Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads circle, as well as thw Portland branches of those Temples, and the host of the Skydancer Sangha. She is also the Strategic Planning Director for The Wild Hunt. You can read learn more about her and read her blog at

Yeshe Rabbit

Priestess of Holy Presence

Holy Presence: a moment of spontaneous song between friends, the feeling in the body after an hour of chanting, a flash of eye contact with a divine stranger, the smoke of incense rising from a censer, the flicker of a candle burning with possibility in the darkness, an instantiated shrine that pulses with life, a statue that performs miracles, a drop of water rippling a pond, the majesty of an ancient tree, the power of a skillful oracle, a ritual that changes everything...I seek the ephemeral Divine Mystery in its constant state of arising, and bring my attention to it with gratitude.


Statement of Ethics

I follow the Noble 8-Fold Path and other principles of Dharma Paganism as my guiding ethical system. My actions are predicated upon creating loving kindness, compassion, joy for others, and equanimity in the world. This system of ethical awareness includes Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.  These principles cover a wide variety of spiritual life conditions and the possible choices one might make to bring one's self and others out of suffering and into awareness. I also observe the laws of karma in my life, creating benefit for all wherever possible and seeking to diminish the suffering of others.



The Woman in the Shaman's Body by Barbara Tedlock
The Double Goddess by Vicki Noble
Passionate Enlightenment by Miranda Shaw
Priestesses by Norma Lorre Goodrich
Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu
Beyond Religion by HH Dalai Lama
Science Set Free by Rupert Sheldrake
Enlightened Courage by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Science of the Craft by William Keith
Longing for Darkness by China Galland
A Witch's Book of Silence by Karina Blackheart

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