Jaina Bee,
Priestx of the Eternal Now

2014 Priestx in the Wildflower Tradition

Dedicated Deities:
Kuan Yin, Ganesh, Hermes, and Paneros


I tune in to the unconditional love and compassion that is
I welcome each moment as an invited guest, and let it go with gratitude
I appreciate —to the best of my abilities— the countless gifts and opportunities of my life
I serve joyfully, and may it be for the benefit of All

With this personal vow, I affirm my intentions every day— to live and serve from a place of gratitude and respect, acting as honored steward to the treasures of life that the Ancestors have so generously passed along and sharing the bounty with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. All of this is happening in the Eternal Now— the everpresent timespace of my perceptions— where all times are one and available to access and transform at will. I serve the community with my skills of seeing previously obscured possibilities and resources in the moment.

As a charter member of both Beyond the Binary (members of CAYA clergy exploring currents of gender and deity in Pagan practice) and the Education and Information service track, it has been my pleasure to follow in the dancing footsteps of my Big Sister, Wishbringer Molly Blue Dawn, by publishing a periodical events listing; Trans*/Pagan Events: happenings which may be if interest to people with that intersection of identities.

It is my hope to bring creativity and joy to my Priestxhood by weaving into it my patchwork assortment of skills, including kitchen witchy wortcunning, DIY divination, trance, dreams, and astral journeying, singing, dancing and anything that happens to Be Here Now.


Jaina Bee’s Personal Code of Ethics:

stay tuned
be aware
dare to care

and care to dare

This short chant holds the kernel of an ever-unfolding process of discernment and right action for me. By using my various senses, I become a receiver of the will of the Divine, and by using my resources and skills—gifts of the Ancestors such as my body, my mind, as well as the structures and systems in my environment— I become a transmitter in service to the Divine.

Stay tuned It is integral for me to keep in alignment with the highest good, keeping my personal experience in its proper perspective. As a member of the cosmic orchestra, I take personal responsibility for keeping my instrument tuned properly, so that harmony may ring sweetly for all. This comes from a daily practice of prayer, meditation and self-care. By keeping my primary focus the will of the Divine, my personal progress may serve that intention.

Be aware— Once I am tuned in to myself and the Divine, it is time to connect with those around me. I turn my senses toward my immediate environment, and gradually expand that awareness as far as I can, through media extensions, so that I may contribute to the unity of a common good.

Dare to care It takes courage to open up to the universe. Courage is an open heart under the guidance and protection of the Divine. With this support, I am able to deepen my intimacy with other people, creatures and energies, nurturing and increasing mutual respect and appreciation.

Care to dare At this point in the process, a tremendous amount of self-esteem and confidence is motivated by the Divine will, which is supported by cooperative alliances, and it is time to take action. Action is the natural expression of life. Right action is that which is in alignment with the highest good for all beings.


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Recommended Reading:

What It Is Lynda Barry (2008; Drawn and Quarterly)

Lynda Barry is one of the great teachers of creative expression of the 21st Century. This is Lynda’s “Writing the Unthinkable” class in book form. The class that changed my entire life forever. She teaches a form of moving meditation, inspired by a Zen Buddhist practice, that draws images out of  (((where?))) and onto the page into story form. Her companion book, Picture This: The Near-Sighted Monkey Book continues the practice into more visual forms. But as Lynda says, the medium is not the point, the IMAGE has a life of its own and may take any form—dance, meal, chant, ritual…

The Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey to the Realm of Magic, Healing and Action; Rituals, Exercises, and Magical Training in the Reclaiming Tradition Starhawk and Hilary Valentine (2000; HarperSanFrancisco)

From basic grounding and centering techniques to revolutionary transformations and plenty in between and beyond, this is one of my fundamental references for magickal practice. Brilliantly formatted upon a classic fairy tale, each chapter offers three levels of work (Elements, Inner and Outer) that can be pursued as one chooses. It’s holographic.

Practical Solitary Magic Nancy B. Watson (1996; Weiser)

A humble little book by a British student of Wiccan Priestess Murry Hope, yet I have returned to it again and again to learn about the elements of magick. Dozens of simple and effective exercises that have proven quite effective, in my experience. Strong focus on ethics and safety.

Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands Gertrud Hirschi (2000; Weiser)

Excellent introduction and practical manual(!) to using mudras for countless purposes. I can say that the asthma mudra has helped me through some terrible allergy seasons, the indigestion mudra has brought me quicker relief than any medicine, and if only I’d remember to do the insomnia mudra when sleep evades me, what blessed self-care that would be.

My Gender Workbook Kate Bornstein (1998; Routledge)

Wise, witty, and weird as hell, Kate Bornstein is a pleasure to read and poof! you suddenly learned something. I like the workbook format, and yes, I write in my books (in glitter pens). Let Ms. Bornstein destroy your preconceptions, delusions, and cute little pet theories and then show you how to handicraft a new identity that is entirely authentic and delightful.


Some websites to explore:

Alexandra Genetti and The Wheel of Change Tarot: http://www.wheelofchange.com/
All things Labyrinth (including a worldwide labyrinth finder!): http://labyrinthsociety.org/
National Home Funeral Alliance: http://www.homefuneralalliance.org/
Circle of Tengerism: http://www.tengerism.org/
Peter Russell and Spirit of Now (including Your Age in Days Calculator): http://www.peterrussell.com/index2.php

Jaina Bee