Our ideals

  • Honor for elders: respect for their wisdom; regard for their needs in policy and care; inclusion of elders as an active, vital part of the society they've shaped.
  • Honor for children: regard for their creativity and imagination; cultivation of their individual and collective genius; teaching them respect and dignity by modeling these virtues in our own behavior.
  • Access to education and service opportunities for all, including re-skilling toward practical, sustainable lifestyles.
  • Healthcare that is free/affordable, accessible, and provided with genuine skill; commitment to the health of the whole being; availability of birth control and other critical women’s procedures regardless of personal, political, or religious concerns; compassionate healthcare for every stage of life.
  • Clean water and air; reversal of global warming; transition to renewable energy sources; creative adjustment of lifestyles as needed to facilitate these changes.
  • Healthy, natural, affordable and sustainable food; respect and support for those who tend the land and her creatures; awareness of the food chain and its implications as a regular part of education and daily life.
  • Awareness of our part in the ecosystem and our kinship with all living things; vast acreages of pristine wilderness; restoration of rain forests, glaciers, and oceans.
  • Equal and ethical representation in directly-elected government; a movement toward honorable leadership from the grassroots level.
  • Equal rights and freedom of expression for all, with awareness and respect for the complicated levels of identity, including but not limited to: race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual identity, religion or faith, ability.
  • Freedom from violence and intimidation as a means of exercising power.
  • Sisterhood and community, women allying with one another and offering one another respectful, mutual support.
  • An atmosphere of inspiration, excitement, and celebration, over mere survival.
  • Legal equality for all, with respect for diverse traditions and cultures in every country.
  • Re-claiming and honoring women's roles and skills through history and today.
  • Deep respect for one’s own body, and accurate education that highlights women's miraculous creative nature, including reverence for their holy blood.
  • Feel free to add any of your own ideals here.