Harvest Home 2017

Our Harvest Home retreat is coming up, and your retreat team is busily planning and preparing away to make this a great retreat for all.  

Harvest Home will be the weekend of September 21-24, 2017 and will be held at Cave Springs in Dunsmuir, CA.  

On this page, you will find general information about the retreat, a link to send in your fee, and also - to help the planning committee, we have some questions that we need each of you to answer. Please read through everything below carefully, maybe twice!

What We Need Right Now:

There are two things that you need to do right away:

1. Whether or not you plan to attend HH, please fill out this survey, so we have an accurate count of who's coming.

2. Retreat Fee Payment: You can use the payment gateway below, or else drop off a clearly-labelled envelope with check or cash in the CAYA mailbox at The Sacred Well in Oakland. PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS NO LATER THAN SEPT 18!

Fee For Retreat:

In the past, our retreat fees were built into our quote covering lodging and all things to make the retreat happen. This year's retreat is a little different than years past as our location necessitates that we separate the cost of lodging from the cost of facilitating the retreat itself.  That is why this year's fee to attend the retreat is less than in years past, since you will be covering your own lodging separately.  If you are lodging in one of CAYA's shared houses, Yansumi will reach out to let you know the cost for that, and to collect those fees, once we have a solid count of who will be sharing those houses.

The Retreat Fee will cover the costs of providing one diet-sensitive meal each day to all attendees, providing for childcare so parents can attend rituals Friday night or just relax, providing materials needed (charcoal, ice, food, ritual supplies, etc), and other costs related to the retreat itself.  The fees for this year's retreat can be submitted using the buttons below.
- $50 for each adult (18+) attending retreat
- $25 for each child (under 18) attending retreat

Harvest Home Retreat Fees
from 25.00

Please select the appropriate number of registrations below, add them to your cart, and check out to make your Retreat Fee Donation to CAYA. You can also drop off a check or cash in a clearly-labelled enveloped to the CAYA mailbox at The Sacred Well in Oakland.

Retreat Fees are not tax-deductible donations under the law.

Adult or Child?:
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General Schedule: More details to come soon!

Thursday, September 21:

All Day:
Folks arrive and enjoy leisure time.

Evening: Temple Activities TBA

Friday, September 22:

Morning: folks arrive, leisure time

Noon: Adventure! TBA

Late Afternoon: chill time / get ready for evening ritual

Early Evening into Late Evening:
- CAYA WILL PROVIDE DINNER at Cave Springs (will be prepared to meet allergy and dietary needs of all CAYA folks)
- CAYA Tradition Rituals: The Mothers of the New Time and Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe Traditions within CAYA are encouraged to hold rituals this evening.  Please plan either a ritual that can be done outdoors at Cave Springs, in a local park, or else contact Yeshe about needing to find a different type of space.
- NEW! Child Care will be provided: In an effort to ensure that all CAYA folks can attend ritual, CAYA will be providing childcare on this evening for all who need this service.  Details on who/where/when will be provided as we get closer to the retreat. 

Saturday, September 23:

- Leisure time until 11am

- CAYA Annual All-Coven meeting & All Water Is One Water Ceremony at Mt Shasta City Park
- Lunch provided by CAYA (will be prepared to meet allergy and dietary needs of all CAYA folks)

There are picnic tables at the Park, but please bring chairs and blankets just in case we need them. Right next to meeting area, children can play at playground in full view of parents. Parents and elder siblings who are not members of CAYA are politely requested to provide up-close supervision so CAYA members can be present for the annual meeting.

-Massage with Hummingbird. $30 for 30 minutes
-Harvest Home Marketplace - a casual DIY Marketplace at Cave Springs, 3-5pm. Bring items to sell or trade (homemade, handmade, crystals, recycled items, body care products, cleansed magical tools, etc)

Early Evening:
- Harvest Home ritual gift exchange.  Ritual Location: Either Cave Springs or Dunsmuir City Park (we have exclusive access after dark). The park is easily accessibly from Cave Springs.

About your Giveaway item for the ritual...please bring something that you love or have loved very well. A magical item, a piece of clothing, a crystal, or something else that represents a significant part of your journey. When you give this item away, you will tell the story of it and what it represents to you. Over the years, we have exchanged and treasured a great many items and stories. Sometimes these items and stories stay in the community for generations, and other times these items and stories journey onward from CAYA as time goes on. This is all part of the energetic exchange that happens in CAYA's great wheel of community.

- Post-ritual feast: TBA

Sunday, September 24:

- Victory breakfast at Cave Springs, provided by CAYA (will be prepared to meet allergy and dietary needs of all CAYA folks)
- Pack up and head home! 

Car Pool:

There will be a Car Pool thread on CAYA Red Phone. Please post in that thread if you need a ride, or are offering a ride, then please coordinate specifics off-list.


For those staying at Cave Springs in shared housing: as we get your rooming assignments finalized, we will be sending an email to the residents of each room with info abut room fees, arrivals, and room assignments.  

For those staying at Cave Springs in your own, personal lodging: Make sure you make your reservations in a timely manner by calling (888) 235-2721 to arrange for your room/cabin.

For those making other arrangements: Please let Yansumi and Yeshe know your plans in the form above.

Packing List:

- Packing list will be uploaded here soon.  However, for now please plan for your own food (except for the above noted meals that CAYA will provide), a camp chair or blanket or cushion to sit on, Harvest Home giveaway item, and personal comfort items. 

Allergies and Dietary Needs: 

In order to help make this retreat healthy for all, if you have not already done so in years part or if anything has changed, please fill out this form with information about your allergies and dietary needs.

Looking forward to a great retreat with you all!


In Joyful Service, 
Your Harvest Home Retreat Committee