Duat Ka Neit Kismet,
High Priestess Who Walks Between the Worlds

2009 High Priestess in the Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe

Dedicated Deities:
Bast and Hekate


I Am
Mother, Priestess, woman, feminist, animal activist, lover of life, student of life, Dianic witch, intuitive, warrior.
Leader, teacher.

My Title

Many deaths have surrounded me throughout my life, including several near death experiences of my own due to severe health complications. Because I walk this fine line I have a unique relationship with the Fates. I have now learned how to use my experiences and my chronic pain in the way a shamaness does...I use it as my power source and I become even more in-tune with my gifts as a witch.

Art by Mama Ladybug

Some history

Solitary since high school, I was ordained in the Maple City Coven in Indiana but ultimately felt the tradition was wrong for me due to worshiping both the Goddess and male Gods. I discovered the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries and things began to make sense in my life, but I had more lessons to learn. I moved back to California. Because of health issues and the loss of Parker, my second son, when he was 16 days old, I became angry and disillusioned with my spiritual practices and beliefs. My health, both physical and emotional, was declining and a loved one told me I needed to find a group or coven because it was painful for others to watch me decline so quickly. It was then I found CAYA Coven and met with Yeshe Rabbit. I did not meet all of the criteria to join the newly forming Amazon Priestess Tribe but she later explained to me that she saw death in my eyes, that I was giving up, and she felt that as a High Priestess and healer that it was part of her own path to help me make peace with the Goddess, either before I died or so I could heal. I was ordained in 2009. 

I helped form CAYA South Bay and ran the Grove of Hekate, a self-identified women's full moon circle for over 2 years. At that time I was called back home to Fresno, CA to help tend my grandmother as she passed through the veil. At Beltane of 2015 I started Women With Wings of the San Joaquin Valley, a pagan, feminist group where we support each other not only in rituals, but gatherings in each other's homes to teach pagan crafts, watch movies, go bowling, help out those of us who get sick with visits and food, childcare, etc. The group is still new and the ideas keep coming, so right now I see there is no limit to the things we can help each other accomplish. Our goal is to also establish cross-pollination between all of the women's groups in the San Joaquin Valley, not to become one large coven because that is not what this group is, but to stay connected and to support each other in all of our different endeavors. Next year we plan to start offering full moon rituals to all self-identified women. This year I have also taken on my first student and she will be the first Priestess that I will be initiating into my own tradition; I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life!


My mouth is my chalice, my tongue is my sword.



Women with Wings of the San Joaquin Valley