Crossroads of Hekate

Year of Creation: 2014

Dedicated Clergy:

Lady Yeshe Rabbit, High Priestess of Holy Presence - dedicated to Hekate Triformis
Adonai Dagaz Greywolf, High Priest of Mystery and Transformation - dedicated to Hekate
Doyenne Rowan Nightshade, High Priestess of Esoterica - dedicated to Hekate
Sunsmith, High Priest of Starfire - dedicated to Hecate
Strega Manea Trinacria, High Priestess of Wild Magick - dedicated to Hecate
Gwen, Priestess of Story and Song - dedicated to Hekate
Temperance, Priestess of the Soul's Journey - dedicated to Hekate
Gatekeeper Jey, High Priest of Doorways and Crossroads - dedicated to Hekate
Madame Hummingbird Rainbow, High Priestess of the Witch's Touch - dedicated to Hekate
Juniper, Priestess of Psychosynthesis - dedicated to Hekate
Quetzal, Priestess of Perpetual Love - dedicated to Hekate

Lovely Hekate of the roads and crossroads I invoke…


She lights my path when it is unclear, shows me truth in ways I cannot possibly misunderstand, and protects me as I journey in the unfamiliar spaces of my own ignorance. She is both the Journey and the Destination - that small point of light and potential that grows only when you come closer to it, and allow yourself to see it. Both a Mother of Magic and a great teacher! I feel Hekate around me in the gathering darkness on a winter’s evening, in the smell of decay that is the harbinger of new growth, and in the starry sparks of light in the great void of space. She is a teacher, guide, and protector for our entire community through the works of her many Priest/esses here.

Greywolf: She helps to remind us that our “third question” is of prime importance to the other two listed above. Through Her light and guidance we help to better answer “what is your work with yourself” so we can better provide the Service we do to the Community and the World. Her torch helps light our way when we are lost in our own darkness, Her keys help open the inner doorways of discovery, Her knife cuts away at the things that serve us poorly and prevent us from fully being present and true to our Work.

Rowan: I work with Hekate as a guide and keeper of souls, and as the voice of the grave that will ultimately embrace us all. As her Priestess, I try to offer perspective and understanding, as well as to facilitate the journey for others.

Sacred Texts

Yeshe Rabbit's Invocation of Hekate Triformis

Wild wanderer at the crossroads
Bright hostess at the thresholds
Keeper of keys and passages
Bearer of twin flames
Radiant bride of night
Mother of Darkness
Guard, guide, and lead me today.

I am a deer in thy roaming herd!
I am a key to thy mysteries!
I am a torch in thy hand!
I am a footfall along thy silent path!
I am a star in thy vast heavens!
I am a wave in thy fathomless seas!
I am a knife that cuts cleanly!
I am a soul in thy holy retinue!
I am a fiber in the rope of eternity!

I consecrate myself unto thee today,
And every day,
That I may travel safely within the folds of thy saffron cloak,
Dive with thy aid into deep mystic waters,
And dance with thee among the shades of my benevolent Ancestors.
Therefore, grant me courage and constancy, embrace me at thy bosom at the proper time,
And bestow upon me thy faultless perception.

Orphic Hymn

Lovely Hekate of the roads and crossroads I invoke;
In heaven, on earth, and in the sea, saffron-cloaked,
Tomb spirit, reveling in the souls of the dead,
Daughter of Perses, haunting deserted places, delighting in deer,
Nocturnal, dog-loving, monstrous queen,
Devouring wild beasts, ungirt, of repelling countenance.
You, herder of bulls, queen and mistress of the whole world,
Leader, nymph, mountain-roaming nurturer of youth, maiden,
I beseech you to come to these holy rites,
Ever with joyous heart and ever favoring the oxherd.
          (Orphic Hymns translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis)


Public and Private Work 2014

The Crossroads of Hekate hosted the 2014 Graveyard Moon for CAYA Coven.

We also hold a Pinterest page in her honor: