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Earth Healing Synchronized Ceremony

  • Roy's Redwoods Preserve Roy's Redwoods Preserve Woodacre, CA United States (map)

Earth Healing Synchronized Ceremony
with Dove (Marguerite Rigoglioso) and Dove Oracle Priestesses
Sunday, February 18, 10:30AM-12:30PM
In person at Roy's Redwoods Preserve, Woodacre
Or wherever you are on Earth

Join Us to Time Jump into a New Reality on February 18!

Dear Sacred Community: In medicine ceremony in January, the Hathors said that humanity has the ability to collectively branch off into a NEW TIMELINE where the world is as we'd like it to be. The more we share, communicate, and visualize that reality, the more the communally agreed upon timeline unfolds!

They're encouraging us to do that through subtle activism, meditations, and synchronized global ritual.

Join us for one such opportunity - wherever you are in the world, by taking a look at new details about how you can participate in the Seven Sisters Earth Healing Synchronized Ceremony on February 18!

Gather with us - either in person in Woodacre, CA, or wherever you are at a special rock or tree - in sacred intention to send prayers and positive visions and timelines into the earth grid for personal, collective, and planetary healing.

The idea is that we'll all synchronize our ceremony with similar ones being done simultaneously by my Dove Oracle students - and all of you - around the world so as to link earth grids in harmony!

Here's what we'll be doing in Woodacre as a model for what YOU might do wherever you are if you can't join us in person:

NOTE: Be sure to join in on the synchronized OM for 2 mins at 12:00PM PST, 3:00PM EST, 8:00PM UK:

10:30AM: assemble at roadside sign for Roy's Redwoods Preserve

10:40AM:  head into redwoods and set up simple altar

11:00AM: start ceremony promptly

Dove Oracle Priestess Lisa Schenkelberg will be working on a sculpture, infusing the clay with the energy of our intentions and the particular Earth energy of the space.

We greet fairies, trees, ancestors.
Make offering to fairies, trees & ancestors to say hello & ask permission to be there.
Sit; drum in background.

Dove calls on Mother Earth/Mother cosmos.
Ground into Mother Earth/Mother cosmos.
Connect our wombs to the Holy Womb Grid of Mother Earth and Mother Cosmos.
Connect energetically with those around the world joining us.
Sit in silence for a few minutes, letting trees talk to us.

Dove speaks intentions into the Womb Grid (about strengthening the presence of the Divine Feminine on Earth; loosening negative energies gripping the planet; supporting Mother Earth's sovereignty; an organic AI-free world, etc.)

Dove Oracle Priestesses follow with their intentions for the organic ascension timeline on Gaia.

Others gathered speak their intentions into the Womb Grid.

We squat to birth golden light balls from our wombs (men included) and leave them at trees or mentally send them to other places with prayers and intentions.

Sit with backs to trees in silence, listening for messages.

12:00PM, gather in circle for synchronized OM for 2 minutes to anchor and send out the energies and connect with global circle mates.

Open circle.

Please take photos of your event and post them on our special public Facebook page! Share what you did and your vision!

For those attending in person in Woodacre, CA:
Bring your visions, your rattles, your drums, and your edible offerings to the Spirits.

Park on Nicasio Valley Road right next to the entrance of Roy's Redwoods. Find directions here.