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Divine Birth/Divine Self Mystery Teachings

Divine Birth/Divine Self Mystery Teachings
a 10 class series
with Marguerite Rigoglioso of Seven Sisters Mystery School
First session Tuesday, February 28, 10:00AM-12:00PM
Online with one residential retreat March 3 weekend
See website for registration details

Cultivate Your Sovereign Divinity & Birth Our New World

Open to all sexes.

Learn about the hidden history of divine conception practices designed to bring holy beings to the planet.

Really get how the practice of outer virgin birth relates to cultivating “inner virgin consciousness” so you may more fully embody your true divine wholeness & sovereignty.

Connect with the energies of Holy Sophia as wisdom in her various forms, including Mary, so you feel supported to integrate the Divine Feminine Wisdom our world needs today.

Meet real women who have divinely conceived & hear their remarkable stories so you know virgin birth is a real thing.

Become part of the protective support network of women who are conceiving advanced children, and contribute new ideas to the evolution of conception & birth practices on our planet for the benefit of the entire human race.

Discover how the Order of the Marys can support you in carrying your work into the future.