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Pythias, Melissae, and Pharmakides

Pythias, Melissae, and Pharmakides
An online course with Max Dashu
starts January 3, 2017
Runs through May 2017
See website for registration details

Primordial Goddess cosmologies. The Moirae. Pythias, Black Doves, and other oracular women. Greek patriarchy: Athens, Sparta, and persistence of older cultural substrates. Priestesses, temples, women's ceremonies; constraints, appropriations and displacements. Mythic conquests: goddesses under rape culture. Demonizing the women of Lemnos and Libya. Mysteries of the Two Goddesses: Demeter and Persephone; Kybele and Rhea; maenads. Female philosophers and poets. Greek witches, and the sexual, ethnic, and class politics of persecution. Circe, Medea, and Hekate.

My new course will be based on Volume II of the
Secret History of the Witches series. (Discussions on the current volume, Witches and Pagans, are also invited.) The first webcast will be a visual webcast on Crete and the ancient Aegean, in mid-January.

Subscriptions are $31 per month or, for 3 months or more, $25 per month. Participate in the readings and discussion (via a private Yahoo Group) according to your own schedule and inclinations. The only time-bound activity is the webcasts, each offered in three sessions to accommodate subscribers' various timezones (from Europe to the Americas to Australia). If there is interest, I'll also offer teleconference discussions.