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The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

  • Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States (map)

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
with Vajra Ma
Saturday-Sunday, August 6-7, 11:00AM-5:00PM
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
$285, space is limited to 15 women

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a womb-sourced healing and visionary practice that has arisen afresh for our needs today.

This devotional meditation arises from our deepest feelings of womb and heart, it moves our body in a stream of deeply pleasurable, spontaneous asanas and generates a high frequency bio-circuitry that transfuses the dancer with spiritual awareness.

Its form flows in a continual stream of asanas imbued with pleasure and power; a streaming infinity of shape, subtle sensation, emotion, pleasure, and movement. In its practice and in its evolution, it does not directly reference any previous yoga, tradition, or modality. It directly references Source - the Womb.

This is a subtle body spiritual practice in which the dancer increases her sensitivity to subtle energies and learns how to absorb them as they intensify, rather than dissipate them, thus leading to an ever increasing capacity to receive, generate, and absorb higher frequencies in the body. "Frequency" is no poetic expression but a concrete, tangible phenomenon. At the higher frequencies, the Tantric Dance is the literal living embodiment of deity. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a devotional practice, danced for the benefit of self, witness and all sentient beings.

Beyond words and concepts is direct knowledge; beyond attainment is womb-sourced embodiment; beyond self-expression is realization of Goddess, our innermost self.

Beyond divisions between meditation, dance, yoga, prayer, karmic unfoldings, healing transmissions, and shamanic workings - is The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.