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The Oracles Of Kuan Yin Challenge

  • Online through HiveQuest (map)

The Oracles Of Kuan Yin Challenge
Monday-Sunday, July 18-31
Online through HiveQuest

From ancient China to the modern United States, in all corners of the world, people have sought answers regarding their deeper purpose in life. Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin teaches us that we are here to love, to be compassionate and tender toward one another, to create and appreciate beauty, and to live in peace. Yet we all have circumstances and situations that leave us feeling stressed, angry, and vulnerable. Sometimes, we forget our true purpose, lash out, and create pain for ourselves and others. How can we learn to break this cycle? How can we build lives of greater harmony, within and without?

In this two week Challenge, we will turn to the 100 Poems of Kuan Yin, oracular works created in 6th century Chinese temple poetry competitions. Each poem is a lesson, a message, and a source of wise counsel to help you anchor compassion, inner peace, and wisdom at the center of your daily life. Over the two weeks of this Challenge, we will explore several of these poems in daily Missions Monday through Friday, sharing our questions, supporting one another, and discovering the personal lessons contained within these mysterious texts.

Compassion, peace, and harmony are all necessary to create a balanced life, and they must be cultivated so that we can deal with the struggles that seem to arise on their own, whether invited or not. By connecting with Kuan Yin during this class, through poetry, images, and simple, heartfelt ceremonies, we will open our hearts to our most generous values and kindest selves while contemplating the wisdom of the goddess of compassion, she who hears the cries of the world.

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