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The Heart Of Kuan Yin Challenge

  • Online through HiveQuest (map)

The Heart Of Kuan Yin Challenge
Monday-Friday, July 11-15
Online through HiveQuest

There are so many stressors and frustrations that arise every single day of our lives, from small to large. Each time we are hit with a trigger, someone else’s bad mood, our own bad vibes, or negative circumstances, we tend to build another wall that separates us from open-heartedness and compassionate connection. These walls, built from anger and fear, are designed to keep us safe, but often they make us feel even more frustrated, isolated, and alone. What if we had a way to break down those walls that keep us feeling disconnected, but could still acknowledge that we have been hurt in the past and need to be cautious?

Riding across the ocean on the back of a dragon comes the Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin. Her name is also spelled Kwan Yin, Quan Yin,and Guan Yin when it’s written in English. Her name means “the one who hears the cries of the world” and in myth, she is said to arise from a tear of compassion on the face of the Buddha. She is fiercely protective of all beings, and yet tender and gentle toward all, like a mother. With the help of Kuan Yin, we can find our own way to a more sophisticated level of compassion, connection, and open-heartedness in our lives without ignoring our own need to be safe.

Join this 5-Day Challenge, a journey with Kuan Yin, to learn powerful yet simple methods of cultivating compassionate presence and a fierce love for yourself as well as others. In this Challenge, we will be working with daily missions to create waves of love that heal, sustain, and protect us as we move toward greater openness. Tear down the walls and open your heart, but never forget you also have a dragon to protect you, too! With Kuan Yin’s help, you can be powerful and vulnerable, all at once.

Earlier Event: July 10
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