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Intuition Challenge

Intuition Challenge
with Yeshe Rabbit
Monday, May 16-Monday, June 13
Online at Hivequest

Make the most of your 6th sense, cultivate self-trust, and open to knowing by allowing yourself to feel deeply.

Is intuition a gift, an art, or a science? It is all of these, as well as an inner knowing. In this Challenge we will learn to create circumstances in which we dive into the layers beneath the surface details about something or someone, and really connect with what is happening in the whorls and spirals of energy that inform and shape the core of experience.

This Challenge will feature Missions related to body knowing, extra-sensory perception, clairaudience, predictions, dream interpretation, and oracular practices. You will be invited to test and stretch your ways of seeing the world and the phenomena of your life, and given opportunities and resources for inspiration relevant to the development of an expanded view. Your powers of observation and recall will also be strengthened by these Missions.

In business, family matters, group dynamic, and personal decisions, intuition often plays as key a role as knowledge and emotions. By building your capacity for intuitive thinking, you will bring more benefit to all of your many relationships and activities.

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