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Leadership Style Challenge

  • online through Hivequest (map)

Leadership Style Challenge
with Susan Presley
February 22-March 11
online through Hivequest

How clear and committed are you about your leadership?  What guides you when you inevitably need to make a tough decision that impacts other people? Clarifying your leadership mission and values can actually help you solidify your leadership style and guide your day-to-day actions.

In fact, companies with values-based leaders, like Southwest Airlines and Starbucks, outperform S&P 500 companies (The Business Case for Servant Leadership, 2009, Frick, et al).  And Airbnb (the #1 company to work for, rated by Glassdoor in 2015),
leads and succeeds entirely through their core values.

Starting on February 22, the Monday and Friday group missions for this 3-week challenge will help you reconnect with your leadership mission and identity. You will explore a process for consistently and intentionally leading with your values as the core of everything!  The best part? You can do it in 20 minutes, any time during your week!

Susan Presley is a Distance Dedicant with CAYA Coven.