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Quantum Entanglement vs. Scientific Skepticism

  • Box Headquarters Auditorium 900 Middlefield Road Redwood City, CA, 94063 United States (map)

Quantum Entanglement vs. Scientific Skepticism
with Dr. Ken Wharton,
Professor of Physics & Astronomy, San José State University
A production of Wonderfest
Thursday, December 8, 7:30PM
Box Headquarters Auditorium, 900 Middlefield Road, Redwood City
Free, Registration required

Entanglement phenomena are the closest thing we have to reproducible magic, and even physicists can't agree as to what’s really going on. Is it spooky action at a distance, or retrocausality, or conspiracies that govern our choices? And what is a good skeptic to do when every explanatory option seems unacceptable - when nature forces us to train skepticism inward, towards our strongest intuitions? (General audiences welcome!)

Dr. Ken Wharton: “My research is in the field of quantum foundations. (Previously, I have also specialized in experimental high-intensity laser-matter interactions, but all of my research is now in theoretical physics.) I am particularly interested in time-symmetric and causally-neutral approaches, working towards the ultimate goal of reframing quantum theory in a manner fully compatible with general relativity. My specific research projects concern simple Lagrangian-based classical models that exhibit quantum-like behavior, and exploring basic deviations from strict classical theory that might lead to realistic explanations of quantum phenomena. These projects are currently being pursued by graduate students at SJSU, and the simplest models might be appropriate for undergraduates as well.”