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Celebrate Selket, Egyptian Scorpion Goddess

  • private home RSVP for address Concord, CA United States (map)

Celebrate Selket, Egyptian Scorpion Goddess
with Daughters of the Goddess
Monday, October 3, 7:30PM
private home, RSVP for address, Concord
$15 newcomer discount, $35 one time exchange
This ritual is for cisgender women.
Please RSVP to 925-787-9247 or

Selket is an ancient Egyptian Goddess usually seen as a tall woman with a scorpion on Her head.  She was worshipped all over ancient Egypt because of Her protective qualities.   She rules over all poisonous creatures, especially scorpions, spiders and snakes.  She embodies both the venom and the antidote.  She protects the other Egyptian deities from the snake-demon Apep and also helped Isis protect Her son, Horus, from scorpions as well as offering this protection to the people of Egypt - especially pregnant women and children. She is also the protector of women in childbirth.

Selket held the secrets of poisonous venoms and their antidotes, and most of Her devotees were healers and magicians - ancient Egyptian medicine combined folklore, science, and magic.  Her priests were trained to heal venomous bites and could be found all over the land.

Her protective qualities did not only cover life, but also death and the afterlife as well. She was revered for giving both the kiss of death and the breath of life.  She is also known as the Lady of the Beautiful Tent or Lady of the Beautiful House, which is a reference to Her as protector of the embalmer’s tent. Her magic came from knowing the land and its creatures, understanding the roles of life, death, and rebirth.

Come and join us, travel to the deserts of Egypt, commune with Selket and hear Her voice.  For the altar please bring a candle the colors of the Sun, or any images of the scorpion.

If you are interested in participating in a ritual or celebration, please help out by doing the following:
Please bring a snack to share (if possible, food of the culture we are celebrating), washable eating utensils (bowl, cup, plate, utensils, etc. In honor of Mother Earth, we do not provide disposable items), a candle (for safety reasons, we highly recommend a candle in a glass container, often called a novena), and pillow or chair to sit on to all rituals. For more information about our rituals please visit our FAQ page.

Please see our current series schedule and check the web page for the specific ritual to see what items to bring and how to prepare yourself. Please take the time to read this, especially if you are a newcomer. New information is added from time to time so even if you feel you have already seen this, it is important to check back in every now and then.

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