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Celebrate White Buffalo Calf Woman with a Peace Ceremony

  • private location RSVP for address Concord, CA United States (map)

Celebrate White Buffalo Calf Woman with a Peace Ceremony
with Daughters of the Goddess
Saturday, January 9, 7:30PM
private home in Concord, directions given upon RSVP
$15 newcomer discount, $35 one time exchange
This ritual is for cisgender women.
Please RSVP to 925-787-9247 or

White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Goddess of the Lakota Tribe, which is one of the 7 tribes of the Sioux Nation.  These peoples once roamed and lived on the great plains of this country.  Most of the tribal peoples are now living on reservations in North and South Dakota with a few in Minnesota, Nebraska and Canada.  It is being said that with the return of the White Buffalo that have been birthed in the last decade or so Her time to return is now.

What we do know is this, there is a major shift happening.  Awareness is being raised.  And the knowledge that peace and healing of the world is going to come from womyn.  We must stop the conflicts within.  We must stop the conflicts in our families.  We must stop the conflicts in our Sisterhood.  We need to bring awareness to the violence in all realms also.  We must stop the rape and pillaging of womyn’s bodies, minds, and souls.  Without all of this we will find no peace.  And in order for womyn to do this, we must first find peace and healing within ourselves.  Then, and only then, we will find peace within our families, our tribes/clans, our communities, our countries, our world.  It begins on the micro realm within and spreads out from here.  Come together with us, with your sisters, and pick up that Pipe of peace.  Send your prayers to Creator in the blessed smoke.

For this ritual please bring a candle of any color that represents peace to you.  If you participated in the Peace candle gift exchange at Winter Solstice, that might be a great candle to bring.  Continue to charge it up for peace.  Please be aware if you have a sensitivity to smoke and scents, especially to sage, this is probably one to miss.  For the altar, please bring any images of White Buffalo Calf Woman or Her sacred things.  We will also be doing a tithe to the
White Buffalo Calf Woman Society that is fighting violence against women, especially that within the tribe, and are committed to providing shelter and advocacy for individuals victimized by violence.  So please bring a tithe of any multiples of 4 to represent the 4 directs and the 4 tribes of humankind.

If you are interested in participating in a ritual or celebration, please help out by doing the following:

Please bring a snack to share (if possible, food of the culture we are celebrating), washable eating utensils (bowl, cup, plate, utensils, etc. In honor of Mother Earth, we do not provide disposable items), a candle (for safety reasons, we highly recommend a candle in a glass container, often called a novena), and pillow or chair to sit on to all rituals. For more information about our rituals please visit our FAQ page.

Please see our current series schedule and check the web page for the specific ritual to see what items to bring and how to prepare yourself. Please take the time to read this, especially if you are a newcomer. New information is added from time to time so even if you feel you have already seen this, it is important to check back in every now and then.

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