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Goddess Brigid Poetry Challenge

Goddess Brigid Poetry Challenge
with Yeshe Rabbit
January 31-February 28

The Mother of the Forge, the Sacred Waters, and Healing calls us to poetically reflect upon the ways in which our lives have been shaped by trials of fire, the wisdom we gained when plunged into circumstances beyond our control, and the healing and gratitude we have gained in our life journeys. This month-long class, in honor of the Goddess Brigid, features two poetic Missions per week: a reflection about circumstances that have helped us to grow in wisdom and character, and a Mission to write a ritual poem honoring our own processes of growth.

Throughout the Challenge, we will be using items from Brigid’s homeland, Ireland, as tools for inspiration. Each class participant will receive in the mail a candle blessed with Brigid’s perpetual flame and a vial of water from her holy well. Both the flame and the well are from sacred sites of Brigid in County Kildare, and
Yeshe Rabbit will share with class participants. Each participant will also receive a special red clover tea to drink as a source of healing inspiration.

January 31: First video conference
February 1: Weekly Missions Begin
February 28: Weekly Missions end and final Poetry Reading via video conference

There will be a pre-Challenge video conference (Sunday, January 31, 4:30PM PST) for introductions and explanation of the Missions, and there will be a group poetry reading video conference at the end of the Challenge (Sunday, February 28, 3:00PM PST). All who have known the power of Brigid to forge, temper, and heal their lives, or who are curious about this blessed Goddess, are welcome to join this month of poetic reflection and devotion.

Questions? Email Yeshe Rabbit.

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