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The Enchantment of Creativity: Kindling the Courtship of Art & Spirit

The Enchantment of Creativity: Kindling the Courtship of Art & Spirit
a six week online event
with Sharon Knight
and Francesca Gentille
starting Wednesday, January 13, 10:00AM
see website for registration information

A Life Changing, International, 6-Week, Web-based Sacred Circle!
Space Limited to 20!

With Sharon Knight (internationally touring musician, priestess, & artist)
and Francesca Gentille (international sexuality educator, priestess, & counselor)

The journey begins January 13, 2016.

Do you wish for more magic, wonder, and beauty in your life?

Are you feeling blocked, “flat” or uninspired creatively?

Are you filled with ideas but don’t know which ones to choose to make real?

Do you wonder what is the right balance between ideas, creations, and the work to get them out into the world?

Do you long to be able to market or present yourself with heart, soul, and authenticity?

Then this is your Sacred Circle of Enchantment & Creativity! !

Sharon Knight is an internationally touring musician and magic worker who has been fusing music and magic for over 25 years to create a truly artistic life. Working with the concept of resonance, Sharon uses the language of music and poetic symbolism to explore bringing our psyches into alignment with mythic principles, that we may live lives according to our most inspiring vision for our world. As we kindle our visionary fire fully to life, we can learn to make of our lives a work of art, and bring this art into the world at large. Sharon has shared stages with Corvus Corax, Wardruna, Faun, Omnia, Stellamara, Sj Tucker, Wendy Rule, Heather Dale, and many more. Sharon is currently completing her 9th studio album, Portals, featuring many of the artists mentioned above.

Francesca Gentille is an internationally recognized relationship counselor, clinical sexologist, and award winning author/poet who has been an initiated Shaman and Priestess for over 30 years. She is the radio host of Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra, the award winning co-author of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit, the director of The Sacred Courtesan School and the co-director of The Somatic Sensual Healing Institute. She specializes in recovery from trauma, enhancing harmony in relationships, healing sexual dysfunction, connecting to spiritual depth, and clarifying life purpose.