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HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat

  • Shady Creek Retreat Center 18601 Pathfinder Way Nevada City, CA, 95959 United States (map)

HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat
Thursday-Sunday, July 2-5
Shady Creek Retreat Center, 18601 Pathfinder Way, Nevada City
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HoneyRoot is the magic and the potency of women coming together with our gifts - expressed and innate - our wisdom, our pains, our joys, our yearning, and our fierce dedication to Life.

It is a shared agreement and a cauldron to pour those gifts into - a re-discovery of the incredible healing and vibrancy that becomes available when we unite, in body, to both offer ourselves and to receive each other... fully.

Our team of facilitators and staff have dedicated their lives to the revelation of the immense power, wisdom, and beauty of the feminine. Each facilitator is a master of her craft and comes to the table as a sister eager to learn from her peers.

Why connect with HoneyRoot?

You're wanting to (re)discover your body - a place of power, expression, tenderness, and comfort.

You want to dance through life with empowered, sensitive, like-minded women.

Your mother and/or your daughter and you want a special place to be together.

You experience painful conditions due to your extreme empathy and emotional sensitivity, and you seek relief.

You sense you could have a more intimate relationship with your feminine nature.  

You have health issues related to trauma or difficult relationships in the past.

You know your intuitive creative gifts could be of service to the world more than they are.

You want to heal the shadows of sisterhood, in your life or within the larger community.

You desire REAL, authentically expressed women friends

You experience shame that limits your experience of pleasure in your body.

You have difficulty connecting with others as deeply as you would like.

You want to serve health of heart, body, and mind.  You want to feel relaxed and assured as you do so.