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An Evening of Dreams

  • Goldman Theater, David Brower Center 2150 Allston Way Berkeley, CA, 94704 United States (map)

An Evening of Dreams
Saturday, June 6, 8:00PM
Goldman Theater, David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley

Dreams and personal stories shared by audience members instantly transformed into improvised theatre pieces.

Playback Theatre is an improvisational form whereby audience members tell their personal dreams and watch them transformed into theatre pieces. The company of specially trained actors and musicians "plays back" the essence of the shared story using spoken improvisation, movement, and music. A story can be anything: a childhood memory, a current life dilemma, an anecdote from work or travel, or a vision of the future. Sometimes a story becomes a myth, sometimes a realistic enactment. Some stories are tragic, others are funny or illuminating. Come share your story and watch the magic unfold.