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Strengthening Racial Response-Ability: Navigating Race + Power in Challenging Racial Climates

  • Impact Hub Oakland 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)

Strengthening Racial Response-Ability:
Navigating Race + Power in Challenging Racial Climates
5-Session Seminar
Wednesday, June 17, 6:15-8:15PM
and four more Wednesdays, June 24, July 1, 8 & 15
Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland
see website for registration information, must register by June 10

Inequality can make us as sick as germs can. Seemingly abstract concepts like racism, sexism, and other inequalities can become corporeal, or of the body. In addition to psycho-emotional tolls and internalized forms of oppression, social inequalities influence weight, body composition, height, posture, hormone levels, stress load, and mind-body-spirit balance. While organizations adopt diversity & inclusion initiatives, systemic inequality persists.  Leaders of the nation’s workplaces often admit they have a long way to go when it comes to improving their racial climates. Meanwhile, many professionals of color navigate their work spaces restrained, tokenized, silenced, marginalized, and enduring racial battle fatigue. Many white professionals navigate their work spaces in varying existential, emotional, and egoistic states as well. In turn, organizations grapple with repressed tensions, challenging organizational cultures, toxic racial climates, high-performance attrition, and low-attractiveness to professionals of color; all of which influence their capacity to deliver on their mission.

However, similar to other essential-to-life-but-seldom-formally-taught life skills, we rarely encounter a rigorous program for how to navigate race & power dynamics in our professional lives. For many professionals, the preamble to grappling with inequality frequently stems from 1) familial-communal acumen, 2) ethnic studies college courses, & 3) individual study/practice/living. Racial Equitecture seeks to build upon this knowledge, offering a methodical praxis that uses research and experience to coach professionals to navigate racial events in ways that safeguard mind-body-spirit balance and productivity.

Experiential Goals: My goal is for you to step beyond what you imagine is possible.  To be brave and do something you’ve never done before.  This goal is supported by a pedagogical approach that lies at the nexus of critical race pedagogy, black feminist thought, adaptive leadership, and experiential learning.  This means there will be little lecturing, lots of practice, dwelling in negative capability, productive discomfort, and constructive feedback.  You will be guided to drive discussions rather than silently receive. The intention is to create a holding environment for rehearsing courage while personally developing a racial response-ability that better addresses racial events in our world.

Dr. Myosha McAfee, a racial equitect, social entrepreneur, and theorist, studies racialization in organizations and leadership.  She recently published a new theory of race - “The Kinesiology of Race” - in the Harvard Educational Review. As a racial equitect, she facilitates discovery learning processes and cultivates team-oriented work environments where critical-thinking, intellectual curiosity, and passion for change intersect. She coaches organizational catalysts on equity-centered leadership and change management. This work involves co-devising equity blueprints, stretching institutional mindsets, and expanding organizational fortitude.  Her expertise includes dimensions of race that draw on four disciplinary lenses (sociology, anthropology, comparative literature, and social psychology), four schools of thought (structuralism, symbolic interactionism, microethnography, and phenomenology) and three fields (education, social policy, and law). Expertise in these dimensions of race permits a unique intellectual range that can advance the efforts of equity-mission-driven organizations and individuals.

Later Event: June 17
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