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Matters Of The Mind: Swords

  • Homestead Apothecary 486 49th St Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)

Matters Of The Mind: Swords
part of the Learn To Read Tarot series
with Mary Elizabeth Evans
Monday, June 15, 6:00-8:00PM
Homestead Apothecary, 486 49th Street, Oakland

How can we use Tarot to better understand our mental health and the journey of our minds? Swords are the suit of intellect and all matters of the mind. Let’s discover how swords can cut but also protect. Swords represent air, and with this breeze can come strife and change, but that which leads us to a deeper reflection and understanding of ourselves.

In this workshop, we will focus on the Swords suit of the Tarot while also discussing a series of Major cards that relate to our topic. We will discuss the Swords suit by going through each Sword card individually and connecting its journey together. We will also dedicate sections of this class to seeing and thinking intuitively and learning simple Tarot spread to practice at home.

Mary Elizabeth Evans is an artist and Tarot reader residing in Oakland, California. In 2014, she illustrated and self published the Spirit Speak Tarot deck. Her intentions behind making Spirit Speak Tarot was for the deck to be easy to read and accessible to all. She embodies this same approach to her readings and teaching style. She uses Tarot as a tool to better understand our current paths and to guide us to our fuller truths. Her illustrative work focuses on stories and themes of the occult playfully and whimsically through line drawings. In addition, she spends time translating her drawings into brass jewelry using basic metalworking tools.