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A Wild Soul Woman: Free Introductory Event

A Wild Soul Woman: Free Introductory Event
with Mary Reynolds Thompson
presented by TreeSisters
Sunday, June 14, 11:00AM

As women, we have a direct line to Earth. She speaks in our tongue. We listen and hear her in a way that’s different from men - because we are womb-women, because we feel the same tug on us as the oceans when moons wax and wane. Our bodies literally flow with the tides, and that direct connection gifts us amazing receptivity to Earth.

In this event, Mary will guide us through the five archetypal landscapes and we will walk The Wild Soul Mandala, which helps us begin the journey of reclaiming our wild souls.

This is a free introduction for A Wild Soul Woman, a six week Online Course for Women, July 7-August 11.