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Chanting to Tara for Nepal

Chanting to Tara for Nepal
Sunday, May 3, 11:00AM
wherever you are

Shirin, of Fellowship of the Spiral Path, invites all to participate in a group working on Sunday morning. May 3 at 11:00AM. The purpose is to send strength healing to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal, and the focus is the Goddess/Buddha Tara.

Her name means to traverse, and in one text she says,

"When only my names are recollected, I always protect all beings,
I, a Savior, shall ferry them across the great flood of their manifold fears.
Therefore the great Seers sing of me in the world under the name of Tara."

Visualize her glowing like an emerald, stretching out her arms in blessing. Invoke her by chanting her mantra.  On one tone, or chanting along with one of the recordings on YouTube, chant the mantra twenty-one times, or 108 times.
“Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”

Consider the meaning of the mantra as a progressive appeal to the noble goddess who is strong, swift and able, asking for freedom from suffering in this life, deliverance from spiritual dangers represented by the eight fears, and for the enlightenment of all beings. May She carry the victims of the earthquake to serenity and safety.