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Reinstating The Feminine

Reinstating The Feminine
a 2.5 Hour Online Mini-Retreat by TreeSisters  
for both Men and Women
Sunday, April 12, 10:00AM (recording available afterwards)

Why Reinstate the Feminine?

Because you want to live a more meaningful, intuitive, vibrant, potently connected, resourced and pleasure filled life.

Because you are done with doing what our culture dictates, and long instead to feel an up-welling of knowing so strong that it can carry you into the fullest expression of your gifts and health, if only you will surrender to it.

Because you have been trained to over-ride your physical intelligence and make imbalanced living normal and acceptable, when it is not.

Because you long to unwind the patterning that disconnects you from the miracle of nature that lives you, and reconnect in a way that revives your deepest wisdom and guides your life back into balance.


Consider what you are inhabiting right now…

Your body is life intelligence incarnate.

You are crafted out of the breath of trees - waters that have flowed through air, rock and soil since life on Earth began - you are seed, grass, bough, fruit, flesh and wing, you are the encoded experience of everyone that has come before you and every element that has lived you.

At the deepest level, you are wired into the matrix and intelligence of a planet that has been evolving for billions of years - if only you could connect in more consciously and really feel that.

Our ability to plug in, to feel truly connected to life and to receive the wisdom and intelligence of matter infused with consciousness, is the embodied feminine principle.

Our cultures dismissal of the feminine principle has made it possible to disconnect so completely that we can knowingly over-ride and destroy our own life support systems - be that our own stressed bodies, or the greater body of which we are made. We have to turn that around within ourselves first, before we can attempt to shift our systems...

This workshop is both a remedy and preventative for burn out!


This workshop is about you and balance - inner and outer

It is an opportunity:

to step into your own inner world more consciously and ascertain how you really are

to deep dive into embodied listening and receive your own bodies intelligence

to strengthen your ability to hear the voice of your physicality, so that it is no longer drowned out by your mind, to discover, understand and alchemize the patterns that have driven you to over extend yourself, so that you can make more coherent choices about how to live a more balanced and fulfilling life

to bow to the ageless intelligence that permeates your whole being with a knowing so clear, you need not question your own flow

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