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Strong Roots and Wide Branches: Living Polytheist Traditions

  • online or in person address will be given upon registration Santa Clara, CA United States (map)

Strong Roots and Wide Branches: Living Polytheist Traditions
with River Devora
starting Sunday, March 8, 1:30-5:00PM,
and the second Sunday of each month
online or in person,
log in or address in Santa Clara will be given upon registration

sliding scale $10-$25 per class

The old ways are returning. Slumbering gods reawaken, gaining strength and gathering followers. But many of the traditions themselves are incomplete. In addition to devotion to deities, most older polytheist societies also included ancestor veneration, life cycle rituals, personal ethics, group mores, ways of living on and with the land and its spirits, ritual and spiritual artistic expression, and spirit tech to best do these things.

This monthly class series is intended to bring together folks of a variety of polytheist paths to help us all deepen into our own personal and group practices and beliefs, and to help us build a strong interfaith polytheist community that bridges pantheons and traditions. Open to all polytheist paths, old, new, and reinterpreted.

Classes are on a sliding scale from $10-$25. Please pledge at least $10 per class. Once you have pledged, you will receive Zoom meeting information for the online classes and a physical address for the in-person classes.

Class 1: Intro to Living Polytheism
This first class will be an opportunity for us to start getting to know one another, start to find some clarity on what kind of support we're looking for in our personal and group practices, and begin to situate ourselves in the dialogue. We will begin to shape some shared definitions and explicitly call out and discuss some of the core tenets upon which this program will rest.

River Devora is a multi-trad spirit worker, medium, and clergyperson. She has been actively involved with the Bay Area pagan communities since 1994, and has led classes and rituals locally and nationally. In 2013, she founded South Bay Heathen Shenanigans, a ritual and learning group for folks interested in pre-Christian Northern Europe. She initiated as a community priestess with Waxing Muse Coven in 1996, initiated to Ochun in 2011, and is oathed to Odin, Freyr, Loki, Juksakka, and the Morrigan. She is building a new cultus to the Matronae. She lives with her living and non-living family in a quiet home with a bossy garden.