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The Fivefold Goddess

The Fivefold Goddess
A Web-Based Course and Initiation Cycle
into a New Vision of the Divine Feminine

with Lasara Firefox
Thursday, March 5, 7:00-8:30PM,
and 6 more Thursdays through April 16
see website for registration information

The Fivefold Goddess offers women a new, more inclusive, more complex and flexible model for women’s experience of our own divine nature. This model speaks to and for women who are looking for an archetypal system that offers a relationship with creative potential that exists beyond our biology, and more easily encompasses and reflects the life experiences and phases of women.

The fivefold model is a creative, fluid model that allows for a cyclical flow that is more natural to womanhood in our era. It is a model not tied to biology, but to active currents in life that surge, shift, and spiral back again in the process of living.

This seven weeks long, online course will include:
Five weekly group discussions and rituals of initiation - one initiation ritual per archetype.

The course will end with a closing gathering and ritual of recognition on April 8.