International Dance Anywhere Day

  • Anywhere!

International Dance Anywhere Day
Friday, March 27, 12:00PM
see website for local events

What if there was a public celebration of dance everywhere, around the world, simultaneously? What if, in one moment, the whole world started dancing?

Everyone is invited!

Dance Anywhere is a simultaneous worldwide public art performance and we want YOU to join us! For the past 10 years, people of all ages and artistic capacities have made dances in parks, museums, street corners, schools, work places, community centers, offices, and just about anywhere you can imagine. Participants have been professional dancers and artists, plumbers, doctors, soccer players, teachers and politicians. Some dances are choreographed, some are improvised, and some stretch the definition of what dance is.

Where will you be?
At work? Taking a lunch break? In class? Running an errand? In line at the bank? The library? The grocery store? Walking the dog in the park? Perfect! Your participation doesn't need to be an event you plan months in advance! Tap your foot, do a little jig, bob your head... You have our permission. And you will be joined by thousands around the world. Get together with your friends, family, colleagues or strangers on the street - wherever you will be - and have some fun!