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Spring Equinox Despacho

  • private land RSVP for address Sonoma, CA United States (map)

Spring Equinox Despacho
with Meg Beeler of Earth Caretakers
Sunday, March 22, 2:30-7:00PM
RSVP for location in Sonoma
donations accepted

Join us in creating a Despacho for Unfolding the Heart - Your Heart and the Heart of the World.

It's been nine months since we had a despacho ceremony here, and it feels like time renew our community! We'll gather for this ceremony in honor of the Equinox, our day of balance between light and dark...

We will meet in our Medicine Wheel portal, on private land at the base of Sonoma Mountain at 2:30PM on Sunday, March 22. We will feed the power of the despacho with our personal and collective intent, receive its sweet blessing, and offer it to the fire, sending our dreams and prayers out to the cosmos in the smoke of transmutation. Afterwards, we’ll share a potluck meal and revel in the beauty surrounding us, finishing about 7:00PM.

A ceremony is a way of bridging, and making connection outside of our small groups, our small worlds. Ceremony lets us experience the power of focused energy, the power of our group field, the joy of shared intent, and simply being together. Being a part of this ceremony is a wonderful way to learn about the joining of indigenous and contemporary wisdom!

Our contemporary despacho will follow traditional Andean form, ingredients, and intent, and Eagle-of-the-North practices for group engagement, connection, and focus. No prior experience necessary (and if you have it, bring it!) Creating this ceremony in reciprocity is a wonderful way of focusing intent, giving back to the Earth and spirits, and being together. And in unfolding our hearts, we align with a different story, shift our perceptions, and help create the world we want to live in.

To prepare: Try using the phrase "I see my heart unfolding into… openness" (for example) as you decide what intent you want to bring to the offering. Reflect also on your three power centers of belly, heart, and third eye, and how they might relate to your heart and intent.

Bring: two small burnable objects that symbolize your hopes for your heart and the heart of the earth; one thin ribbon or thread, representing your filaments of connection; water; a chair if you need one; a mesa if you have one; layers for sun and wind; hat; potluck dish to share for dinner; and a donation for Sonoma Mountain Preservation.

Note: It is important for your completion that you stay for the fire ceremony.