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Golden Gate Kindred Spring Blot

  • Lake Merritt by the Fairlyland sign 669 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610 United States (map)

Golden Gate Kindred Spring Blot
Sunday, March 22, 4:00PM
Lake Merritt, near 699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland
Free, please bring a potluck item

Come join Golden Gate Kindred for our Spring Blot honoring:
Freyr - god of fertility, agriculture, and horned beasts
Baldr - god of beauty, light, and new beginnings
Ullr - god of sports and combat.

We will be warming everyone up with a fun, Ull- inspired activity, and then go into Blot honoring the above deities, ancestors, and land wights.

Like all of our events, this event is a potluck. Please bring something delicious to share. When we meet at Lake Merritt, we meet on the hill above the "Fairyland" sign, as is appropriate when honoring Freyr. ;)

Last and definitely not least, our anti-discrimination statement as quoted from Article III of the Golden Gate Kindred Charter:

Article III: We, the Kindred, believe the practice of this form of spirituality is open to all individuals who feel it is valid, fulfilling, and speaks to them regardless of race, national origin, gender, sexuality, gender identity, or physical disability. We do not associate with, support, or agree with any groups or individuals who deny the right of others to practice Heathenry freely based on any of these grounds. We stand opposed to such forms of discrimination and believe such discrimination is antithetical to the practice of Heathenry. Any and all individuals, groups, or organizations who believe such forms of discrimination are fundamental to the practice of Heathenry are not welcome at any of our events, rites, or gatherings so long as they hold to such beliefs.