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Astarte Ritual

  • Baker Beach exact location TBA San Francisco, CA United States (map)

Astarte Ritual
with San Francisco Pagan Society
Saturday, March 21, 2:00PM
Baker Beach, San Francisco
donations accepted

Astarte, also called Springs Height, is the Sabbat of the Vernal Spring Equinox, occurring around March 21st. Day and night are of equal length. Astarte is a festival of celebrating fertility and birth, and she is the Goddess of love and war. She is both morning and evening stars, and she is the all encompassing power over the heavens and all creation. In her dark aspect, she is the Warrior Queen, her passion channeled into war and battle victories, and her name literally means "star" and she is the power behind the moon. Astarte means Eostre, the "Eastern Star", also, the planet Venus. Her symbols are: the pomegranate, the moon, the planet Venus, and the mighty Snake.

Let us Welcome the Nature Spirits to our garden, and charge the seeds we'll soon be planting. Our altar will be candles, pine cones, a picture of the goddess Lilith, eggs and sage. I will bring food and beverage.

I will soon post Where at Baker Beach, San Francisco, our meeting place will be. Blessed Be.