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Cahoot with Caroline W. Casey

  • online or by phone (map)

Cahoot with Caroline W. Casey
Monday, March 16, 6:00PM
by phone or online

Cahoot with Caroline W. Casey and great fellow astro*mytho colleague Daniel Giamario, at the actual moment, for precise fun, of the 7th of 7 Pluto-Uranus squares.

This powerful night, Caroline throws open the doors to her Trickster Training Council, (aka Compassionate Trickster Experimental Mystery School, which convenes every Monday night 6:00PM Pacific) all those dedicated to being agents of dynamic beauty in the world at this time of Dire Beauty...

How fortunate Uranus Squares Pluto close enough to St. Patrick's day to animate the tale told of him: proffered a cup of poison wine, he holds the wine up to the light, the poison rises to the top, he blows the froth off, quaffs the drink, toasting all, including those who sought to poison him. Causing the elders to murmur, "ooh, a real initiate." We've all been given a cup of poison wine… now the willingness to metabolize the poison - that's the ticket to the Infinite Game.

Caroline and Daniel have much Venus-Mars Mythic Guiding tales to present. Participants can e-mail during the call, and chime in at the end with queries and blessings...

Join live via phone or web (and recording available soon after).