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Courting the Goddess: Aphrodite, a three class series with Riyana and Urania

  • private home in Alameda address given upon registration Alameda, CA United States (map)

Courting the Goddess: Aphrodite

a three class series with Riyana and Urania

three Tuesdays, February 24, March 3, and March 10, 7:00PM

private home in Alameda, address given upon registration

sliding scale $90-$300


Venus Aphrodite: Bright star, guide, patroness of poets, lovers, dreamers, healers, and courtesans.


Lady love. She who whispers, the heart-turning one, giver of joy. She who governs pure and ideal love, and also white hot passion that drives us out of our minds and towards the murky worlds of the body, the heart, and the spirit.

This Reclaiming-style transformational class will focus on Venus (Aphrodite), the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and sacred creativity. In this deep, sweet journey into magic and love, we will connect to her energy and power in its most ancient, expansive sense - moving beyond the image of the blonde beauty queen, remembering her as the archetypal queen of the earth's fertility and regeneration, sacred sexual initiation, and the great temples of Cyprus and Delphi.

Aphrodite arose from the foam of the elemental waters, and her stories have roots in the myths of the ancient goddesses Astarte, Inanna, and Ishtar. Her majestic qualities can grant self-acceptance and help you open to love in all of its forms and incarnations, so that you can embrace your creative identity without fear and become more vital, magnetic, and confident.

Lady love will be our guide as we explore the transformative, generative magic of love, beauty, and the ancient power of the sea. We will use the practices of ritual, trance, prayer, writing, and the sacred use of essential oils and anointing. We will work to develop intimate, experiential relationships with the Goddess in Her varying forms, and deepen our understanding of how She may touch our lives, and develop creative ways in which to worship, pray, and engage with the divine.

Urania makes her home north of San Francisco in the rolling hills of San Rafael. She came to the Reclaiming Tradition in 1991 and began teaching their core classes and priestessing in 1993. Her practice of Witchcraft is informed by Taoist principles and the ecstatic practices of all faiths.

Riyana is an herbalist, witch, counselor, and priestess with roots in many different traditions, from goddess spirituality to yoga, Buddhism, Judaism, and spiritual activism. She holds an MA in Women's Spirituality from Naropa University, and regularly uses the magical tools of song, story, writing, plant magic, meditation, and sacred sexuality in her personal practice. She "grew up" in the Reclaiming tradition and has been teaching for over seven years, and when not making magic in the woods with witches, can be found on an adventure with her husband, Jason Scarecrow or napping in the sun with her cat, Emily Moon.