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Vegetable Fermentation For Your Holiday Meals and Drinks

  • Sheffield Village Social Hall 247 Marlow Drive Oakland, CA, 94605 United States (map)

Vegetable Fermentation For Your Holiday Meals and Drinks
with Kirsten Shockey
Friday, November 20, 7:00-9:30PM
Sheffield Village Social Hall, 247 Marlow Drive, Oakland
$100, limit 18 people

Get into the fermenting craze! This hands-on class will teach you how to ferment veggies and use the brine for holiday cocktails.

What’s more fun than a hands-on class with samples? A holiday themed hands-on with crocktails! What is a crocktail? A cocktail made from the brines of fermented vegetables! Get your digestive juices going on Thanksgiving with a Fermented Cranberry Old Fashioned and maybe the next day you will need a Black Friday Kimchi Mary.

This class will go beyond the cocktails, though, and teach you how to impress your friends and family with the trendiest condiments on the planet - the fermented kind.

Vegetable fermentation is an ancient culinary art that is experiencing a renaissance in this country in part because of the health benefits fermented foods offer, but also because these foods have exciting flavors. This is a fun, hands on class where you will experience fermentation through tasting these flavors and making your own ferments to take home and watch bubble on your counter.

The first half of the class will focus on the health, art, and science of fermentation but most importantly answer your questions. After all, while many of want to learn this technique it is one that some of us need to see to feel comfortable with it. Let’s face it - it is not intuitive to let something sit on the counter for days, watch it bubble, smell it brew, and then stick your fork into it and eat it. This class is for beginners and experienced fermentistas alike, while it aims to demystify this safe technique for creating healthy, nutrient dense, delicious foods, you will be learning fermented condiment techniques that take fermented vegetables beyond sauerkraut. You will put these skills to practice right away in the second half, which will be all about creating your own delicious holiday-themed ferments!

This class is taught by Kirsten Shockey, author of Fermented Vegetables. Kirsten got her start in fermenting foods with her farmstead food company, where she and partner Christopher Shockey developed over 40 varieties of cultured vegetables and krauts. Their current focus is on teaching the art of fermenting vegetables to others through classes and workshops.