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International Bake Bread for Peace Day

International Bake Bread for Peace Day
Saturday, October 24

The wars go on… we want them to stop… we want Peace. On October 24, bake and share Bread to reach out in Peace and for Peace!

We are all at a loss for words to describe our sadness about the dis ease in the world at present and things seem to be going from bad to worse. We hear talks of cease fires, talks, talks and more talks but the madness goes on. The world wide chaos is so terrible that we try not to look at it, bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away, we feel helpless that there seems to be nothing we can do and yet we want to do something. Breaking Bread together is a Universal sign of Peace, this is something we can do together, no blaming, no making anyone right or wrong, just baking and sharing Bread to reach out in Peace and for Peace. Together, just maybe we can make a difference.

Join us on October 24 for International Bake Bread for Peace Day, get your thinking hats on, create an event in your area, in your kitchen, in your local school, it's up to you. Share your ideas with us, send photos, advertise your events, spread the word far and wide that we want Peace! Gentle thoughts to you all.

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