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Science and Nonduality Conference

  • Dolce Hayes Mansion 200 Edenvale Avenue San Jose, CA, 95136 United States (map)

Science and Nonduality Conference
Thursday-Sunday, October 22-25
Dolce Hayes Mansion, 200 Edenvale Avenue, San Jose
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Exploring the Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness is the greatest mystery ever encountered by humanity.

Mystics of all traditions have described consciousness as the ground of being in which the dance of life unfolds. Each tradition has developed different approaches and practices to explore the nature of consciousness, the paths of meditation, inquiry, prayer, art, mantras and movement...

Today the main lens through which our culture understands reality is science. For the past century, science has viewed consciousness as something generated by the brain, yet there are major problems with this assumption. A new scientific paradigm is emerging which views consciousness as fundamental. Consciousness cannot be explained in terms of the existing laws of space, time, mass, and energy. A new science has to be developed, a science that can accept consciousness as universal while investigating the connections between the existing laws and this new paradigm.

We might not yet have a theory of consciousness, but the process of studying it holds the key to understanding the universe, while possibly bridging the gap between the mystic’s experience and the scientific observations.

Join us to explore this great mystery of existence beyond dogma and doctrine, remembering that life is far more mysterious than we ever imagine!

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